Whispers- collaboration

The wind has agreed to carry, my words in its liberal womb. We will stir awake some trees from sleep and whisper songs beside the lonely tomb.Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrows.Do you hear me, o resting soul!This is my lullaby,My sleep has wanedDo you mind,If IContinue reading “Whispers- collaboration”


Everyone has a story,Behind harsh exterior caught in the crosshairs of mundaneness; reliving the moments, lost somewhere amidst distant memories.Sun paints the sky as dusk locks it in a cage;Quietly in solitude,How night pens the poem and day,hastily turns the page!

Words- collab

What you read isn’t my story; don’t try reading in between the lines. The words that tell my tales are struck off and horridly concealed. Every happy spell is contaminated by the knowledge of how fleeting such moments are and how life is spent trying to disentangle this contingency. There’s no life on paper, neitherContinue reading “Words- collab”

Chaotic solitude.

Sometimes I long for silence. The terrifying kind, one that implodes in your mind.The sun melts into twilight, everything happening in a sight.Glittering sheaves, frail and fluttering leaves.The wild wind blowing, hark to a voice that is calling. What is most like thee? In a dell of dew, scattering it’s real hue. Teaching me gladness,Continue reading “Chaotic solitude.”


You did something shitty; Something that the untainted part of you wishes you could right the wrongs.But you can’t! Sometimes, there are no second chances.And that’s okay! Because it has to be.The truth is, whether you’re good or bad, it’s simply a story that you tell yourself.You’re scared; that the person who emerged in you beforeContinue reading “Denial”


Fleeting memories.Better and worse.When self righteousness struggles to curb human perfections.The first pangs of jealousyYou wish to deny, it’s very existence.The innate honesty within doesn’t allow.You succumb,suffocate, feel like an outcast.The reason of my misery, I’m blissfully unaware.Falling into trapRealization sinks in, that is yearning for somethingThat I can’t have.

Even as you fall for someone…

Even as you fall for someone,In a slow burn,Things hold you back.For even as the cynic that you may be,A part of you finds a reason to believe again.This actuality onerous,A mockery sometimes.In all the dark spite,There is still a flame of hope of acceptance.There is yet an emptiness, pervadingThat waits to be filled byContinue reading “Even as you fall for someone…”

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