The time that I’ve looked upon speaks of something that is gone. Our birth is but a sleep, a fading mist which we think of as predestined. Heaven begins in infancy, continuing throughout the youth; is on it’s way unattended. In course of time how it dies away and fade into the light of common day!

The fragments of human life; the dialogue of business, love or strife, are haunted forever by the eternal mind.

And how we slave our lives right into the grave.

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Learning new everyday..!!

16 thoughts on “Time.

  1. I read somewhere …

    “When you read a line that is so well- written , you just close the book or phone screen ( in my case) and stare at the wall for a minute”….

    Ohh just felt it for real when I read this.
    Gave me a buoyant vibe.
    Big fan madam🙌



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