There can't be change without loss of routine, which is why so often people are afraid of it. It take them away from what they always knew. I know how affirming it feels to blame the outside world, denying ownership of whatever role you have in the existential play of your oh so important life, draped in misguided sense of self righteousness and an outrage over certainty. 

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Learning new everyday..!!

23 thoughts on “Change.

  1. Loving your content a bit more everyday…

    Now the comment-

    Change can be scary
    But I know we are going to be fine
    Because like you said to me
    “It’s ok to be scared
    We just have to do it anyway”

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  2. I soo missed reading you post Anushkaaa. Hope you are doing good now.
    This post is so correct in so many ways. We human always find it better to blame others rather than finding the faults in ourselves. We have always been foolish and arrogant. You are right change is essential for survival.

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    1. Yeshhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
      You have been missed here too 🥺

      I’m glad you agree! I believe is change is a only constant in thie world and we need to go with the flow instead of sitting and contemplating over our monotonous routine. I know it’s easily said then done! But bolne mei kya hai🤭

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