Whispering winds!

The sight of that immortal sea,
No matter how far it is. Shadowy recollections upon the shore, making feeble waves mighty, every time they wet my feet.
I’m overtaken by a sudden surge of grief; your presence, my relief.
Now I venture into the realm of sleep, riding these gusts of
whispering winds.

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Learning new everyday..!!

26 thoughts on “Whispering winds!

  1. First line …you took me right back to my sailing days ….I could see it right in front of me… let’s say it was like white background of wordpress got animated with the view.

    Ohh I must tell you every feeble wave isn’t really that feeble after all…trust me…Considering all the viscosity and returning waves it had to fight it’s way through till it’s last breath just to touch those feet you are talking about….so that shadowy recollection might be the actual representative of its strength..

    I am in love with the last line….makes me love the title of it too .
    And you little writer…after writing the way you slept….you actually are the “👑 QUEEN of the realm of sleep”😂😂

    Keep that precious little thing intact 🤗💙.


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  2. I don’t know …how much I understood it but I would say recalling all your posts lately when you were getting better everyday , my dumb mind wasn’t able to understand most of them in first sight…I loved them so tried to understand by reading again and again…..then comes this one…best in market….”areeee yr majjjjaaa hi aa gyaa padh ke, ek hi baar me saare mje de gya ye”
    Even my dad said ,”ye to mujhe bhi samajh aa gya”.



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  3. Welcome back Anushka❣️

    If taking a break brings you back with such a powerful poem, than one might say that the wait was worth it.

    “I’m overtaken by a sudden surge of grief; your presence, my relief.”
    Extremely beautiful ✨

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    1. Rashmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
      I’m back, but where are you??? I’m so much waiting for your post now!! Post soooooon please.

      Thank you so much Bonbon!❤️


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