Memories. I try and revive a few. My recognition and remembrance are faint. 
A dark sycamore of disconnected consciousness lays in repose.
Waves of reason soak into the roots
And I wonder, “why does it stand ashore?”
Green to the very door in wreaths of smoke like a hermit it stands alone.

It’s presence disturbs me with the joy that elevates reminiscence which now sublimes.

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Learning new everyday..!!

17 thoughts on “Memories.

  1. Think of it this way
    May be the tree is thinking the same seeing you the other way around.
    May be even he had that thought when he saw the waves reaching to your feet and getting back,
    May be he had the same thought seeing you alone ashore and wind flowing through your hair
    May be he is just giving you company without disrupting your thoughts and still getting your attention…
    May be he is seeing you with your sublime.

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  2. So the best part…I didn’t understand it until I read it a few times…or may be until u didn’t made me understand the scenario.
    It’s beautiful imagination…a sight I have seen quite a few times being in the profession you know….but could never think of it the way you did.

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