I stand here unseen, trapped by thoughts of you in between. A glance of your face under the setting sun is my well earned possession; when the day is done, no strings attached, unafraid of division. There’s joy followed by pain and loss accompanied my gain.
Why whine about pain and loss? There’s a flow with time, there’s a river and waves that rhyme. Keep walking, I’m right behind.

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Learning new everyday..!!

7 thoughts on “Ramble

  1. That ineffable bond of them… here…makes me wanna read it again and again with the hope that in one the readings I’ll find something that’ll make me understand what exactly that bond is like….that relation is like.
    No strings attached yet the pain and loss accompanied.

    Such an interesting way of writing it.
    Felt like Calling you right away and say “wow”…and nothing more.
    Keep writing and moreover keep finding that time.
    And keep the precious intact 💙.


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  2. I remember kept on checking your page around your birthday…you remember I told you about it.
    And most of those days I truly wished that you get time to continue this and post something soon…and here it is…
    Yet another short but solid content.

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