Whispers- collaboration

The wind has agreed to carry, my words in its liberal womb. We will stir awake some trees from sleep and whisper songs beside the lonely tomb.
Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrows.
Do you hear me, o resting soul!
This is my lullaby,
My sleep has waned
Do you mind,
If I borrowed?

In collaboration with Bharath. Always a savior!

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

27 thoughts on “Whispers- collaboration

  1. One word, Wow.
    I was thinking why isn’t Anushka writing, but then if break makes you bring us something so beautiful, it’s okay if you write taking breaks.

    I loved it really 😍❤️
    Also, write more you too, the collaboration is like you guys complimenting each other’s writing!

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    1. You know the actual thing behind it Rashmi. I’m really having nothing to write these days. I’m blank.

      I’m so happy that you liked it. Well, Bharath really helped me in writing this and getting me back on track.
      Thank you so much Rashmi💙

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  2. “Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrow’s.” My most favorite lines🤩🤩

    Wonderful collaboration both of you. It’s always wonderful to read your collabs. Eagerly waiting for more❤❤

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      1. I’m doing fine Zisshh. Busy with exam preparation and other stuffs.
        Life is as usual revolving around boring online classes, studying 😟
        How’s things at your end?

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      2. College had earlier cancelled prelims but now scheduled them from 1st March to 15 March and then finals from 1 April🤦🏻‍♀️ they want us dead.

        Me too busy with postings and preparing for exams….but nothing productive is happening

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      3. Oh shit!! College wale khel gaye😂
        Take care of yourself Zishhh and specially of your health. Routine will get you exhausted.
        All the very best for your preparations.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha! Kuch zyada khel gye🤣🤣 I’ll get BP before I become doctor that is for sure with the routine college gives us. Even heart attack because of sudden news.

        You too take care of your health. You have to face theory now, the bigger devil. All set?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hahaha😂
        Then take care of yourself for sure Zish. Get the medical team ready for the emergency thing. You guys might need it at any time😂
        Even I can hear my lub dub now without stethoscope 😂

        I’ve my viva tomorrow for all the practicals we’ve done till now and surveys that we’ve performed. Let’s see how it goes then I’ve to tighten my seat belts for theory papers😂

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      6. Don’t talk about lub dub. They are always high.

        Vivas are nightmares if the teacher sucks. Psychology surveys must be cool na. You would have so much knowledge about mind and its games. Your viva will go great and so will your theories. All the best

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      7. Yeah.. they’re.
        Doing surveys is the best part of Psychology. We get to learn so many different aspects of things.
        How people respond to different situations in different ways. It’s kinda intresting. Thanks Zish.
        Same to you.


  3. Most of it bounced over my head…took me multiple read and a solid intent before it could get through my dumb head. But now I am happy I didn’t give up in the first attempt… could have missed such a great content.
    When I saw the post notification of your post after such a long time .. I had a big smile on my face from eyes to eyes…I got so happy that my father had to ask me “kiska message itna khushi de rha”…😅

    It’s good to see you here little writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha😂
      Uncle must be thinking of something else🤭
      Thank you so very much. Writing after so long feels so good. Even I had a big smile when I scheduled this post.
      Thank you so much 💙

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