Everyone has a story,
Behind harsh exterior caught in the crosshairs of mundaneness; reliving the moments, lost somewhere amidst distant memories.
Sun paints the sky as dusk locks it in a cage;
Quietly in solitude,
How night pens the poem and day,
hastily turns the page!

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Learning new everyday..!!

5 thoughts on “Story

  1. These stories of everyone…that you talked about …is like you trying to give a justification to those behaviour…yet not justifing it .
    Really a post closest to the reality… making it resonate with every person’s stressed or harsh behaviour.
    You know the way I see it…
    These stories are like…

    We made these memories for ourselves 💙
    Where our eyes are never closing.
    Hearts are broken and that those times frozen still.
    Making us panic to melt that time away.

    Do tell me if you agree to my thoughts.

    And please don’t let these stories ever take your precious away.
    Thank you for writing it.


  2. Almost reminds of the conversation or more of therapy session with my own personal therapist/best friend…you know who I am talking about…our very own little writer.
    When my behavior was making me sick but she understood it …and handled me really well…
    This post is more like a even more saturated version of that conversation…with some more colours of it…tht I wasn’t really able to see.
    Such an amazing piece of work…makes me wanna call you right away…and talk to you about it.


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