Have you really had a bad day or just 10-20 minutes when you let your thoughts go rogue? When you unintentionally transfer that to ones you love! You say you don’t know?
Come on! You run this shit.

Most of your stress comes from the way you respond not the way life is. I’m quirky, silly, blunt and broken or maybe not; sometimes I trip over my insecurities and Sometimes, I’m lost in thoughts wandering around in turbulence.
I love myself and abhor it at the same moment.

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Learning new everyday..!!

24 thoughts on “Unrest.

    1. Yeshhuuuuuuuuuuuu😃
      Seeing you here.. always brings a wide smile on my face.
      Thank you so much!!
      Our response to certain situations is itself enough to make your day or spoil it.

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      1. Hey Anushka!!!
        I’m doing great!!!🤩 Thanks for asking.
        How are ya?
        I did take a break..but it was fun too. I need to refill my thoughts! It had dried up!😅


      2. Things are back to old normal. People hardly care about this covid thing now 😂
        My college has started..so kinda packed up schedule.

        What about you???


      3. There’s no “old normal here”.. just a new state of normality..
        Things had started to slowly resume earlier this week. But then in Kerala, new genetically modified covid started to rule along with another type of virus.. what else to say. It’s likely to have another lockdown again.


  1. This is what you were talking about, I totally relate to it and I’m sure most of us will relate.
    Sometimes we let those bad 15- 20 minutes dictate our whole day and we end up messing with people we love, like our family.

    Totally relatable post, but we can all learn a lesson here, that no matter what, we Shouldn’t let any insignificant action determine and ruin our whole day.
    Such a thoughtful post Anushka, thanks for sharing.


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    1. Rashmiiiiiiiiiii ❤️
      Seeing you here always brings a wide smile on my face. You know what I had in my mind while writing this. I’m glad that many can relate with this.

      Indeed Rashmi! We end up messing with people we love because of our mood sometimes.
      Much love to you.

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  2. If I start saying about this part by part…this tripping over own insecurities .. it’ll make me write pages and pages …and won’t be enough.
    As simple as that…when I realise that my actual problem started after I tripped over my own silly insecurities…it makes me wanna kill myself for the shitty behaviour and action that it led me to …right before realising it.

    That’s what makes this post so practical… from the first line where you mentioned about shortest time being the turning point for the day to turn out to be a shitty one…to the last line where you said about hating or abhorring own self.

    Infact yes not just 10-20 minutes …it might as well only takes 30-40 seconds…to screw it.
    And then everything follows depending on how we respond to it.
    Hell yeah …we run this shit!
    And then the ones we love or the ones who are always around had to bear it….
    Such an enlightening content…and right on the day when exactly everything word by word happened …and now am clear headed enough to sleep just because of your post.
    Thank you so much for writing it.
    You never fail to do make an impact on my thoughts.
    Please keep that precious 💙 intact … little writer.

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  3. “Oye yr ye kya likh diya!”…
    I swear this was my first reaction to this….ohh freakin’ on point.
    I am sure If i say this happens to me daily…I won’t be overexaggerating it…and everyone here would easily believe it, because it’s a fact…more than 90% of the time bad day means exactly few minutes….aah! This is super realistic…such a delight.
    If that bad day is an essay…trust me this would be the bestest concluding lines to it.
    And I really needed it…like the actual pillow thought material.
    More like a formal slang(verb).

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