Words- collab

What you read isn’t my story; don’t try reading in between the lines. The words that tell my tales are struck off and horridly concealed. Every happy spell is contaminated by the knowledge of how fleeting such moments are and how life is spent trying to disentangle this contingency. There’s no life on paper, neither […]


When I’m unable to write and he comes to rescue.

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Learning new everyday..!!

25 thoughts on “Words- collab

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      1. People who start texting you about your well being right after reading your post must have a look at this 😁😁😂😂


  2. Extremely extremely beautiful work you guys❣️❣️

    I can resonate to everything that’s said here. Absolutely it’s all just a story, a history. Our words on paper are no longer describing us.
    It’s fantastic again!

    Collab more guys, I am waiting!

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    1. Indeed! Rashmi. And you know the idea of writing about this history thing was Bharath’s only! The way he writes we can’t even match🤭
      Abi he’ll say, phir shuru tum dono 🙊

      I’m waiting for yours!!!!


    1. Yeshhhhhuuuuuuuu😃
      Seeing you here always brings a wide smile on my face. Thank you so much.
      Well, writing with Bharath is always amazing.
      Indeed! Yeshu. Reality is not what it seems. Reality is, what it is.

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