Chaotic solitude.

Sometimes I long for silence. The terrifying kind, one that implodes in your mind.
The sun melts into twilight, everything happening in a sight.
Glittering sheaves, frail and fluttering leaves.
The wild wind blowing, hark to a voice that is calling. What is most like thee? In a dell of dew, scattering it’s real hue. Teaching me gladness, that my brain must know.
Thoughts come alive, dancing in the symphonies of my mind. The harmonius madness from my lips would flow. The world should listen then, as I’m listening now.

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Learning new everyday..!!

18 thoughts on “Chaotic solitude.

  1. I couldn’t really understand it at once…I took me time and yes some Google searches I won’t lie…my english makes me Google soo many stuff from your posts…but you can trust me with the fact that…I never give up till I get to the nearest to the meaning of your post.
    And this one…trust me…after getting to know the exact meaning or at least I think that’s what you meant here…makes me love the title even more.
    How beautifully you explained the silence is not so silent after all.
    Each and every one of us have faced it ….the way you concluded after ” harmonius madness”…it left me awestruck.
    It’s like a poetry that you never attempted to write..yet filled it with the essence of it.

    Thank you soo much for the super coll content.
    I hope your silence to be a calmer and comfortable one.
    Please keep that precious intact.💙

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  2. This is the second longest wait for a post…12 freaking days without a dose of pillow thoughts….ohhh…I was craving for some🙈. Then I reckon after a post about your struggle to write this could have taken a whole lot more than it actually takes for you to pen down something.
    Such a satisfying ending of the day with a post about chaos hidden in silence…that we seek so often.

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  3. Good morning Shakespeare ❣️

    Wow girl, you nailed it in this blog. Everything is so relatable. Longing for silence, that’s probably something we all need time and often.
    I can see it rhyming here- twilight and sight, sheaves and leaves.
    Makes me wonder how it is both a poem and prose at the same time.

    And the last stanza is the soul of this blog. Extremely beautiful work Anushka❣️
    I missed your blog so much and I am glad you’re back.

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    1. Shakespeare??
      Oh Rashmi 😂
      You never fail to put a smile on my face…haina.
      You know how much we crave for silence. Learning how to rhyme from my rhyming queen. Thank you so muchhhh.
      I’ve always been here Rashmi. It was you who was on break🥺

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  4. “What is most like thee? In a dell of dew, scattering it’s real hue.” This is my favorite line!❤❤
    Sometimes calmness is found within the chaos and sometimes the solitude itself lacks calmness.

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