I write.

My heart yearns to write but my thoughts are numb and I succumb. I look around for the world, where the hell does it hide?
I looked within to lose myself in a labyrinth, grim. Passages lead to memories, of a soul that’s lost and I follow the voices that called.
They mourn the absence, sing a sad memoir of the one that got away and now we bleed, every hour, slower. I laugh at my naiveté as I fall into the trap and I wonder why I do that?

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Learning new everyday..!!

13 thoughts on “I write.

  1. Okay so first irrespective of the theme…i feel the best sequence of statement…line after line…may be just because it’s so fresh it seem so perfect…but every line just seem to be so perfectly place ….ohhh I love it.
    First line takes me back to every post of yours and I realise is this even possible… someone who carved so much and that too with such perfection facing such crisis…and then I figure that’s way too Normal …not every situation can make one write…not every mindset it free enough to turn it into words …and yet I find it so cool of you.
    That “labyrinth” word you know …takes me back to my ship when lube oil flow isn’t smooth …take a look at the labyrinth… easiest yet such an important way of solving that problem…do tell me was ur easy or as complicated it sound?…
    Because both the labyrinths has similar confined passage hard for us to be through …and yet has its own significance.
    I just wonder how can you write such a thoughtful ending to it …that too when you can’t figure what to write.
    Super cool stuff anushk@.
    Just please keep them coming.
    And don’t forget to brace yourself with precious, you little writer.
    Love your work💙

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    1. Aaahhhhh…so many things to say and I’m running out of words. What should I say to you. You flatter me everytime.
      You dig deep into my head and never fail to get things out.
      Thank you so much.

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  2. Hey little writer,
    Just to tell you that you have been missed.
    Not just because of posts of yours…but also because of another new stuff from you to be proud of…another topic of discussion…another reason to read something may it be 4 lines but after reading it calling my day productive enough…and ofcourse getting to know what’s new in head right now( does it make me a stalker of your thoughts?🙈)….I call it the fan stuff.

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