You did something shitty; Something that the untainted part of you wishes you could right the wrongs.
But you can’t! Sometimes, there are no second chances.
And that’s okay! Because it has to be.
The truth is, whether you’re good or bad, it’s simply a story that you tell yourself.
You’re scared; that the person who emerged in you before is going to re-emerge and compel you again, cause chaos again. That story is the muck on your shoes that you drag through the homes of everyone you love until the day you decide to get them cleaned. You’re hiding yourself in darkness and denying the world of your light, the part of you, who’s capable of everything imaginable. The one who knows both light and darkness.

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25 thoughts on “Denial

  1. I no longer am the me that I was.
    I’ve thrown her away.
    I change.
    I flip.
    I adapt.
    I’ve become the me, that one day I’ll say I no longer am.
    And so it goes, round and round.
    I Change.
    I flip.
    I adapt.
    I am only the now.
    Not that me, not this I.
    No longer the eternal definition of me to which I’ve been attached.
    She’s gone.
    And maybe she’ll one day be back.
    But for now,
    I Change.
    I Flip.
    I Adapt
    I no longer am the me that I was.

    -( for you by you)a fan


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  2. You know after reading it…I thought I might try to give it another shot to try and say the same thing but different way of saying it…
    I thought I should write it on your behalf …like by you but actually for you…(I don’t know what am saying here but you’ll know when you read it)….
    Do tell me …if it does the justice to what you wrote.
    And make sure that precious is intact 💙
    please read the last comment in this thread…(2/3)

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  3. It’s like I already know all this stuff and yet it feels so fresh to read.
    Nothing is what I really have to comment on it…just the love for your content makes me write it here and keep on saying stuff and I still feel lack of words to praise it.
    Thank you so much for such intriguing stuff.

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  4. Second chances are not guaranteed. You may get a chance of redemption somewhere down the line when you are not even looking for it. It’s better to accept things and move ahead, may be to better things.

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  5. Yes sometimes or maybe most of the time we don’t get second chances. I also believe that we are made of good and bad behaviors both. It is upto us that whether we will reinforce the good side or the bad side.

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