Fleeting memories.
Better and worse.
When self righteousness struggles to curb human perfections.
The first pangs of jealousy
You wish to deny, it’s very existence.
The innate honesty within doesn’t allow.
You succumb,
suffocate, feel like an outcast.
The reason of my misery, I’m blissfully unaware.
Falling into trap
Realization sinks in, that is yearning for something
That I can’t have.

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Learning new everyday..!!

17 thoughts on “Trap

  1. You know the universal truths…like
    -“sun rises in East”….or like ” the gravitational constant” ….or like “not a single mother in the world can let use your phone for long”…..etc etc …I am sure you agree with me on this universal truths…
    There is another universal truth I feel like pointing out…since the theme of your content here makes me conclude it from the life lessons…
    “Each and every one of us( us being the human beings) are going to fall in the trap of life where we end up wanting stuff we can’t have…may it be a thing, a bond, a person , a relation…or time that too with your favourite person.. whatever…(excluding dreams, or life goals, or career goals sort of things…to remove cliché from my statement)”
    But this post…is all the beauty of content I want and got it💙
    Feels like the “TRAP” isn’t a trap🙈
    Thank you for doing it .
    Please don’t let these trap of life take that precious away💙.


  2. Ok so this post of yours was like right on time of my prediction…since I was guessing you are gonna post once a week…
    (P.s- sorry, I had to keep on guessing and analysing your posting pattern, kind of post you are going to do etc etc…or just everything about your content till I get a new one …. it’s sort of a fan thing…🙈 You know)
    But this one I would confess I knew least about…first of all my limited English knowledge made me read it to learn the new words first and then with the words I read it again to get the meaning…and then another reading round to get the feel of it.

    Just can’t stop until I get that💙…and I am still wondering after actually understanding it…out of so many thoughts it creates in our head…why use the ” TRAP” as the title…?…

    What was the process behind choosing one?… please let’s talk about it someday… would you??


  3. “The reason of my misery, I’m blissfully unaware.
    Falling into trap
    Realization sinks in, that is yearning for something
    That I can’t have.”
    Exceptionally beautiful lines Anushka ♥️
    Sometimes we don’t understand innocence of anything is a blessing or a curse. But the way you’ve put it makes me love innocence.
    The thoughts here are so raw, it’s like raw emotions embedded together to form a poetry. It’s exquisite 💛
    I know I am extremely late, but just know I get notified the moment you post it and I read it immediately. I absolutely adore your work 💛


  4. Anushkaaaa!!!
    This is an amazing piece. How you give words to such complex feelings.
    Look at this line; The reason of my misery, I’m blissfully unaware.
    Girl!!! This is fabulous. Infact the whole post and the thing that how we yearn for something that we can’t have.

    Liked by 1 person

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