Even as you fall for someone…

Even as you fall for someone,
In a slow burn,
Things hold you back.
For even as the cynic that you may be,
A part of you finds a reason to believe again.
This actuality onerous,
A mockery sometimes.
In all the dark spite,
There is still a flame of hope of acceptance.
There is yet an emptiness, pervading
That waits to be filled by that someone’s existence.

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Learning new everyday..!!

32 thoughts on “Even as you fall for someone…

  1. Things hold you back…. that’s for sure…
    May it be one logical reasoning thing…or might as well be alot of things with no sense to it but yet bothering enough to hold back.
    Such burden and yet we feel like chasing …and doing it over and over again ….and then realising the impossibility of it.

    I won’t say I understood totally what you actually meant here…but I know it is from within to connect to your readers from within.
    Do help me get it more … sometime.
    Thank you for giving such content 😊.
    Make sure that precious💙 that the little writer possess never get lost.

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    1. You got all right, infact you always give me different perspective to what I write and that matters to me more. Thank you so very much. And that precious is intact because I’ve a few people to guard that 💙

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  2. You know when you read something and you don’t actually get what exactly it says…you don’t know what it’s worth.
    That’s what happened to me when I read it….
    But when I read it just to try and understand the actual sense or I should actually say the feel of it…made me realise what an heartfelt content it actually possess.
    Please, can we have a little discussion about it whenever we get to have a conversation next time?…just to hear more from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Aswathy!
      How have you been???
      Where are you???

      You flatter me everytime by your comments.
      Thank you so much Aswathy. Well I’m not that amazing😂 that’s what my siblings says.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m fine Aswathy. Kinda busy with college stuffs. That’s it.

        True that😂
        One minute you want to strangle them and at other you’re singing dramatic duets😂

        How’s Dhruv? If I’m not mistaken with name🙈

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  3. You leave me spellbound each time you write something.
    I loved how you ended it, the lines are so touching. We all are waiting for someone to fill our blank canvases. Remember?

    But it’s really beautiful and relatable as well! Well done Anushka ♥️
    I am so proud of you girl🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s beautiful! It reminds of a song by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan “Me Jahaan Rahu”. Don’t know why!

    “There is yet an emptiness, pervading” this line is so impactful. Great work Anushka!❤

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