Floating away.

They take me for granted because I care, sometimes too much. I’ve been told.
I feel like shit, like my lungs ran out of air.
When you’re always available for them, you break; like a feeble stem.
There’s a devil and a deep blue sea;
The world is turning, the bridges are burning! The devil drags me under and says “the higher you go, the harder you fall.”
It’s like a leap of faith; it was a choice but I blame it on fate.

And there you stood, alone, fading into nothingness, floating away with the waves.

But don’t they know? Even the strongest feeling broken into fragments expires too!

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Learning new everyday..!!

16 thoughts on “Floating away.

  1. Now what should I say here.
    I feel as if these are the words I’ve been longing to say, but do not have the guts to bring it out.

    Look at those comparisons-
    Devil and deep sea, and feeble stem.
    And how the words are coming out so effortlessly and ofcourse I see the pain behind them.

    True that Anushka, the more we do for people, the more they take us for granted.
    So Learn from people, be selfish and keep loving the ones who reciprocate your love.

    I absolutely loved it!
    Waiting forward to read more!

    Sending Lots of love and warm hugs your way 🤗❤️

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    1. The words you were longing to say reached to me coz I was feeling the same. And see!! Being taken for granted is the worst feeling ever when it comes from the ones you love the most.

      Who’s saying this? I’m waiting for your post Rashmi! Please post it super soon.
      More love to you❤️


  2. These forgranted feeling you see…we always get those signs…that it’s been taken forgranted… couldn’t agree more with you.
    The second line -such brilliant line…that example of “lungs running out of air”…and the dragged by the devil mention…I don’t know what textbook you have been reading…or getting these ideas from….this makes me feel so good …as good as it’s like to have a first read in life.

    But the thing about the expiry date you know…
    If you care…and what am saying is like really care …. it’s like your full time hobby…you can’t really get rid of it.
    Just the person you are caring about should be worthy enough to deserve it.
    Otherwise you’ll just feel you are overdoing it…they might as well say it on your face without even caring about the fact that it might shatter your world hear them say it.

    Such an intriguing content anushk@.
    Thank you for writing this you little writer.
    Please keep that precious intact 💙.

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  3. won’t be calling it relatable… because I know whatever you pen down is some how you…or should I say most of beings have actually faced or been to in life…so I guess… relatable might be the word full of injustice to your content.
    Not just for the sake of writing here a big comment or something…your content makes me wanna interact with you about it and have an argument with you ( not like argument ….just to make you say more and listen to you more and more).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow Anushkaaaa!!!!
    How do you write this? This is damnnnn beautiful.
    The devil drags me under and says “the higher you go, the harder you fall.”
    An amazing line!

    The concluding lines steals the show. That’s so true when certain feelings are ignored and taken for granted it expires too.
    Loved it.

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