Smiling at the irony.

He was scarred, she was broken.
He was resilient, she was hopeful.
He hid his dark cynicism under a thick volatile skin.
Her laughter like bells rankled his darkness.
She had no reason to be unhappy and yet she was.
He had no reason to be happy and yet he was.

The more she wanted him,
the more life swept him away.
The more she wanted to weaken,
the more hardened and puzzling she became.
Struggling to reach out and say it out loud
Convincing herself they were different.
In shadow,
She hid him in plain sight and walked out into the same light.

Sometimes it is hard to accept.
When two parallel lines,
Well matched, complimenting one another, blind to the irony.
Running next to eachother,
With no point of contact.

Sometimes it’s best to let things be!
Their paths had to cross briefly.
Helpless? She is!
Smiling at the irony.
Shattered feelings.
An impossible eternity.

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Learning new everyday..!!

29 thoughts on “Smiling at the irony.

  1. I can’t just comment about poetry here. The placement of words is amazing as always… perfect
    but the feelings that oozes out in those words!! Oh my God! It melts my heart in an instant. The last para.. I have no words to describe the feeling…it’s hauntingly beautiful Anushka

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there HappySoul!
      Your comment made my day!
      Thank you so very muchhhhh.
      Sometimes we keep on holding our emotions and when it burst out.. This is how it is!
      Simply embracing the glorious mess I created.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well this is the part where I pick part of your post and say what it seeded in my head…but this time couldn’t just figure out what part is better than the rest.
    In my quest of reading it again and again I had a sense of detaching attachment with this…. it’s like I can’t take that much of heartfelt stuff it’s too much for me. Then again I can’t resist on reading something so good …..( That doesn’t really make sense . What I said. Right?)…
    Remember I told you I’d do n-number of comment series for the post that is sooo awesomely deserving of it…guess what ? …this is it.
    Only I don’t have actually that many words to describe it through.
    I am still hinged to the ending though…help me get rid of it… would you?

    P.s- I could be hinged with all the lines…but they are too good for a person like me to understand it that well.

    Thank you sooooo much for writing this.
    I hope you keep that precious 💙 safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noo! please no….this shouldn’t be happening for real.
    (This was my first reaction )…i guess if just for the comment…this could be it.
    U remember me texting you right after reading it…that I needed time to read it again and again and a little time to actually come up with something to say about this.
    I wonder what gave you so clear image of two personalities …that too such peculiar qualities of them.
    I was wondering when you’ll be posting something but after giving this a read the fan in me says….it was worth waiting for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most awaited comment!!!!! And it makes my day.
      Well the image of two personalities is not something I really thought of! It just came out naturally or may be something made me to write this.
      I’m glad you like it. I know you were waiting for me to post something.
      Thank you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Anushkaaa!
    This one had something that I won’t be able to leave it any soon.
    How do you come up with such different things, girl!?
    The metaphor of parallel lines was really nice.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My phone is going through a rough season for some days. I don’t get much time to spend with him, you see so busy he is!😏😅
        How are you doing? Over with lockdown hangover?


  5. Oh Anushka! What a masterpiece.
    I’m still not able to get over of this. It’s something beyond understanding.
    I hope it’s just a poem!
    And the last paragraph!! It’s the soul of this poetry. And that parallel thing! Who thinks of that, I’m still hinged to this.

    Liked by 1 person

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