The selves within me.

Sometimes you’re toxic;
Invasive, intrusive and inconsistent.
Sometimes you’re mean,
Head chaotic and stained.
Sometimes you push people away,
hiding your feelings anyway.
Sometimes you fear sleepless nights,
You open your eyes and it’s still dark.
Sometimes your demons make noise,
Even when you step into the light.
Sometimes your world grows dark,
and you see nobody to wrap you in their arms.
When did emptiness get so heavy?
Questions that exist
Are answered with silence.
Blessings are cursed and curses turn into blessings.

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Learning new everyday..!!

24 thoughts on “The selves within me.

  1. Ohh Anushka!!
    How you leave me speachless every single time. How do you do this? How do you dive in every single feeling? How do you explain them so effortlessly?
    Do answer please!
    This is beautiful. I am speechless again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No matter how I am, active or passive on WordPress. I’ll always be notified of your blog.

    This poem again is like speaking to me in utmost possible way.
    I too feel it all in my head and heart at times. I am different and different times and I change as per situation, I am never same and I fear that..

    Beautifully written Anushka❤️


  3. Coming to your writing…trust me… it’s nowhere near toxic…even though it was written at a time when you might have felt that toxicity in your head.
    I wonder…how can you write things that so clear to show many of your readers the much needed light???…with so much of toxicity in your head.
    Or I would say we are just using the wrong word here but it’s making the right sense.
    I really like the way there is a question in each and every line of yours…even though these aren’t that easily answered.
    another fine content where wrote–
    – “Sometimes your world grows dark,
    and you see nobody to wrap you in their arms.”

    I would say world grows dark or not… it’s darkness in our sight when we can’t see the arms ready to wrap us into.
    Because I believe there is always someone keeping their their arm space reserved for us to get lost or sink into….
    May it be a friend
    May it be family
    Or may it be person who feels like family
    Or just the inner self 💙🤗

    Such wonderful content needs hours and hours of discussion…yet won’t be able to satisfy.
    Just keep that precious intact 💙…and keep it clear to see where that wrapping arm… reserved just for you.

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  4. Ahhha….just what I was waiting for🔥.
    Incredibly strong and on point.
    That’s the thing I was missing may be… something from your writing so dope to get into my head .
    I won’t say it’s your style (because that’ll be an insult for the versatile little writer in you) but am sure you are mastering your art with each and every smallest unit of time pass.
    Thank you so much for the doze.

    Liked by 1 person

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