Small Town.

Sometimes it’s worth getting up early.
Sundown; And me?? Melting down.
The stars and moon; nothing is as quiet and magical as this.
Here comes; kulhadd wali chai! (Emotion)

The best thing about living in a small town is you can hide but you are never invisible. You can be alone but never lonely. Lying beneath a city of stars counting our dreams with the sweet tea going with anything. Finding yourself in middle of nowhere and in middle of nowhere finding yourself. You can leave but there’s an even stronger pull luring you back. You love and are loved.

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Learning new everyday..!!

35 thoughts on “Small Town.

  1. That’s so true! The small joys of small cities are cherishable! Kulhad chai and matka lassi, the earthly flavours are just divine. Loved that line “find yourself in the middle of nothing and in the middle of nothing, find yourself.” Great one!

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  2. The written content …the right kinda emotions…
    Totally heartfelt but in a true sense this little write up seem really cute with the kind of pictures you posted it with.
    “A small town girl from a tiny little place writing her beautiful head and heart out”
    This one seem more like a picture blog…yet so amazing.

    And that chai…that too in kulhad….

    Let’s meet over a kulhad of tea or coffee ( since you are a coffee person)…shal we??


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  3. Whew… little writer just going around click click click!😍
    Anushk@ …what are you exploring??… going around roaming in the city I assume… c’mon let’s do it together some day.
    I see this picture and realise how good you are at clicking pictures ….and capturing a moment …just the way you are so efficient at writing about a beautiful imaginary moment.
    Beautiful pictures…treat for your fan.

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