You and me- collab

I went round and round on my heel; I’ve danced all night, wishing you too would feel,
What I have, what I’ve done; oh my! Is my secret revealed?

Nothing special, nor was it different from everything else now that my joys and sorrows are pinned; With you. I’m boundless and free, Oh yes, it’s true! Has my fate been sealed?

Love lurks in between shadows and my soul,
We are trapped in between, neither of us look for a way out. The silences are now loud, we’re lost in this crowd;  if there’s magic, it’s you and me.

In collaboration with Bharath. Finally!!!!

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

33 thoughts on “You and me- collab

  1. Okay a little confusion how exactly should I start comment on a Collab post of yours…but this really justfy itself why it should be on pillow thoughts …such quality of content.
    Superb idea of addressing the shadow …like an interaction between the person and shadow of it.
    I somewhere know the second stanza is yours … isn’t it?.

    Won’t show off …since we already discussed about it…but honestly… couldn’t figure your part out of it …other than the second one.

    Great content indeed!..
    M still figuring out…how did you give words to an idea like this?

    P.s.- You can punish me for being so late at the comment section…you know the reality.

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  2. Okay lemme guess, first stanza is written by you, second by Bharath, and I cannot guess who wrote the ending or may be it’s a mutual thing.

    But under any case, this is extremely beautiful collaboration by both of you guys. I mean I am dumbstruck imagining the characters feelings. I am in complete awe…

    Just beautiful ❤️❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rashmi💙
      You’re absolutely right!!!! The concluding lines are of Bharath. You know naa how good he is in writing the ending lines.

      Thank you so much. I was so much waiting for your comment ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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