I know you know.

I know you can hear me.
When I don’t speak.
I know you’re listening,
When I tell you about my trouble and strife.

I remember the day,
When you were lying on the death bed.
And I was sitting right next to you,
with my tears shed.
The sun was set.
Didn’t you know, you were my only asset?

I heard your whisper.
Miss me a little, but let me go.
But not with head bowed low.
I turned around to see you!
But all I could see faces down in dumps,
missing you.

I know you know,
I often lie awake at nights.
I walk down the lane,
with tears caressing my cheeks.
Where do you go?
To see you; I turn.
To touch you; I burn.

Remembering you is easy.
But missing you is not.
Then, I hold you tightly in my heart.
I sit and talk again.
But you’re not here,
and it will always pain.

Ps- This poem I wrote year back on this day for my maternal grandma. Since, so many months I’m trying to complete this but I’m not able to. It’s still incomplete so am I, without her.

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14 thoughts on “I know you know.

  1. This is so so touching. I feel you in each line here.
    This shows your beautiful bond with your maternal granny. It shows how much you love her, and how much you miss her.

    And Anushka the P.S part gave me tears in my eyes, the way it said I am incomplete without you.
    I can imagine the tornado of emotions you must have undergone while writing it.

    This is so so beautiful and I am so touched with the same.
    Take care!


  2. So sorry for your loss, Anushka. Such a heartfelt poem. Losing loved ones can be really hard. After a while, you can remember the memories without the grief overclouding you. Hang in there, Anushka.


  3. I had lost my Nanima too and nothing have ever hurt me more than that. I can understand the incomplete and empty feeling that you feel. Years have passed but her presence is still very much missed.
    I can tell you how I console myself maybe that will help you too. I think in that few years in which we were together she have given me too much love and that love would last me my life time. She is not here but I still carry her love in my heart.
    And I am sure you too will keep carrying on that love which you have received from her ❤️


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