A part of me.

You leave.
But you don’t stay gone. Why do you do that? Why do you abandon the thing you want to keep? Why do you linger in a place you don’t want to stay? Why do you think it’s okay to be stuck in between??

I look into the mirror and wonder what I see; there are shards and I know it’s me.

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Learning new everyday..!!

43 thoughts on “A part of me.

  1. Wow. I must say I haven’t thought in this way. But now that you have mentioned it even i think shards are better maybe because we hold some one or some memories so dear that we don’t want to let go of it, even if we are in pieces. Or maybe the fear of being broken again would be too much.

    Because of this comment of yours I got a new insight. Love you for this and for all the extra ‘u’ you always put in my name Anushka 💛

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    1. I’m glad that you just caught the right nerve of the thought I was having.
      Thank you so much Yeshuuuuu 💙
      I hope you are doing good.
      That extra ‘u’ is all the love that I send your way.

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    1. Yeshuuuuuu💙
      May b because… I know them.. I’ve felt them and you are able to connect to this, because you have been through.
      So true! But don’t you think being those shards is better than being a whole glass( I don’t know why i said this, may be because it’s going in my head).

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  2. Because that’s the thing about people who once resided in them, the person who loved us at one point is still somewhere in the person they’ve become lately.

    They neither come, they neither go, they just block everything, especially your mind. Their one leg is always out. They are stupid people who don’t know what they want.
    But guess what Anushka, we are sensible and we know what we want and it’s not them anymore.

    Just be indifferent and see, my best friend from Varanasi taught me this, you can try this. For me it worked. May be it works for you too🙂

    Sending lots and lots of love your way beautiful ❤️

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    1. So true Rashmi. They do block our minds for a time being but isn’t it amazing or we’re lucky that we have our loved ones, who help us to get out of this.

      And that’s what my bff from Jodhpur says😉. It may work for both of us.
      Sending more love to you❤️

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  3. I thought with the amount of words I saw in your …that it’ll be one of those bang on kind of content…that’ll give me another piece of that lens of your glasses.
    But no way…you have never made it that simpler for me.

    I tell you what I found….
    So little density of words… stating the huge volume.

    You got me thinking…and posting it at this time …you might have already thought that it’ll give your readers time to sink in before starting with their day.

    To be honest …I had to google about the word “shards”…and I found

    “a piece of broken ceramic, metal, glass, or rock, typically having sharp edges.”

    Then I realised…the meaning of it was so strong…

    I don’t know if m getting it at all near to right one or not…but I really do believe and would like to make u believe in too…

    That according to the meaning of shards… being a shard is better than the whole glass… because shard being the more sharp and deadliest that the whole glass can ever be.
    …with that thought…

    More power to you and your thoughts little writer 💙

    Don’t let the any process take away that precious…

    I hope it stays intact 💙🤗

    Thank you for writing this.


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  4. Zing!
    Totally a bookmark in every story.
    Super cool content…took your time do so..or just did it like that?…
    I know you’d say….just thought and wrote…but I know one doesn’t really think and write…
    They live it…and know it…then comes the hardest part of accumulating the energy to write it …or I should say “…energy to giving it word”.
    The writer in you is exploring in the finest way there is.


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  5. This really resonated deep with me. It reminded me of my ex, who in his head had already ended the relationship and his soul had left me. But he lied to me and told me he still liked me, so he was there but not actually there as a whole. It’s interesting how these words can be interpreted so differently for everyone. Keep up the amazing work, your words speak volumes 😊✨

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    1. Hey Hannah!
      I can really understand what you must have felt at that particular point. Since, this post has been inspired by the same situation. I hope you are doing good.
      And yes, so true… everybody has their own way of interpreting things.
      I’m glad you could connect to it.
      Thanks you so much❤️

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      1. Noooooo 😂did I? my name is my only secret here and I’m loving this name: HS or ‘happy’☺️
        Ykw, I can pour my heart out without thinking twice with my pen name. ☺️so sticking to it for now

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