I’m exhausted!
Not because of the lack of rest.
But due to weariness by life.
There is something deeper,
something innate.
I can feel them in the fibres of my skin,
bags under my eyes.

A realization sinks in.
Of what was? what is?
An ache,
is this alienated feeling
longing for something?

This fatigueness seeping in deep,
running through my veins.
Hitting into the corners of my soul.
Eating into me, trying to break free.

I’m exhausted.
And here I stand
By the noise and silence.
Light and dark.
Hope and despair.
Persistent buzzing of reality and desire!

I’m exhausted.
And in all this and more
Lies a mind deeply lost.
For the type of rest it wants.

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Learning new everyday..!!

34 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. It’s okay to feel how you feel Anushka, feel deep and feel it completely. Just make sure once it seeps in your bones and crawls in your heart, it comes out from your head.
    Don’t think about it after that.
    It’s not gonna matter in long run.

    Guess what this is a beautiful beautiful poem and a lot of us would connect to it at our own levels.
    Everyone is exhausted and you gave word to their feeling.
    Sometimes I think we should thank such feelings as they make us write something so beautiful and so honest.

    See you around my Strong girl, we’ll see you around stronger than before♥️♥️

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    1. Rashmi💙
      Thank you so much for the reminder. I really needed it. Sticking to something for long which is draining your energy is not okay in a long run.

      I’m glad to see, everybody here is connecting to it since we all have felt this at some point in our lives. Definitely Rashmi! We need to thank this feeling which makes us to write.

      I’m always around. And I hope I stay strong✨ like you said.
      Much love to you.

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  2. Holly freaking hell…this exhaustion…U penned it totally right
    And exactly every thought that might have been in every head.
    Totally similar to every extent…some get to face it almost everyday…some face it once in a while…but that doesn’t make the sufferings any less…
    The point is to make the right step before this exhaustion become an Armageddon in our head.
    …you wrote is so well I feel like rushing to you…make you smile anyhow… whatever it takes…
    From dancing like a monkey to act like a clown… everything just for my little writer to smile.
    Hang in there anushk@💙
    Please keep the precious intact 🤗💙
    Thank you for writing this.


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  3. Anushk@
    When I read your content and it keeps on coming every single time with a totally different theme and yet so much of life in it…I get so intrigued
    I have seen many people writing about life experiences…
    But yours are like
    …like Unraveling knots one by one from the thread of life…to come unfastened in this way.
    Simply the most beautiful way one can express in.

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  4. resonates deep, a lot of souls unsaid story, well written in short Anuskha. ✨✍️ Hi, How are you? Hope you and your family is safe, I have been reading your poems, you are doing great, way to go, I am busy these days, so I stick with liking the blog posts. Stay safe, I will be actively reading from sep👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Simon!
      How have you been?
      I’m doing fine and so my family. Thank you for asking. I hope everything is good at your end too.

      You reading my post means a lot. Your presence matters that’s it😊. I hope you find some time for yourself from your busy schedule. Take care Simon.


  5. I’m reading this again and again. Everytime I’m reading this I’m feeling a new emotion. How do you do this Anushka? Writing your heart out, writing about the feelings that we all have felt at times. Your blogs make me dive in myself again.
    This is beautiful ✨

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  6. I wish I could brush it off as just another poem. But this resonates deep, and I know you didn’t just scribble these words out of thin air. So take care, girl. Keep your smile on and rock. Remember, you’re awesome. Love you! ♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shreyaaaaaaaaaaa🤩
      You’ve been missed.
      Who can understand this better than you. Same goes to you too. Take care and keep that smile intact.
      And you’re amazing✨
      More love to you.


      1. You’re the one being missed here…. I’ve been quite regular for a few days now…


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