Lost things.

Whatever we had, Where has it gone?
I still feel your touch, fragile and tender. 
What we love clashed with what we wanted
And we walked away, empty handed.

We don’t talk anymore.
What would I say to you if we cross paths again? It would be a dream come true but reality won’t be the same. I stopped thinking about you and the possibilities of us. It’s not even a dream.
We’re not us anymore.

And this is how people go but how they leave always stays.

In collaboration with Bharath. Do you have any idea how much I admire you? You don’t! So, better don’t argue with me next time because you’re amazing!

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Learning new everyday..!!

77 thoughts on “Lost things.

  1. “What would I say to you if we cross paths again?”…. this is like the million dollar question when two lovers path ways. It usually becomes unanswered though in recent times people do well to curb the awkwardness of it all and simply stay acquainted

    Loved the poem. You writing is soo good!💚

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    1. Hey Joel!
      How are you doing?

      And indeed! This is a million dollar question. Somewhere inside our head it keeps on ringing. What if we cross path, what will I say? Or how will I react.

      Thank you so much Joel. It’s means alot.

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  2. “We’re not us anymore”. A sad but true sentence. The ends of relationships are so hard. I hate to see them go. And yet it is a rite of passage and often necessary for growth.

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  3. Now this post…
    Super cool line-“people go but how they leave always stays.”
    I am telling you…this line might have made people rush to the first paragraph and read it again and again… uncountable times…the soul of this post is first and second paragraph…but until i read that line …I didn’t realise it.
    Super collaboration.
    I hope that precious stays intact little writer💙

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  4. It’s like a treat to me…two post back to back…you know how much I crave for your content.
    It makes me
    Happier than happiest
    Makes me smile
    Wider than widest
    And gets into my heart
    Deeper than the deepest
    And makes me love pillow thoughts
    More than the most.
    So m writing this part of the comment without including anything about the post because this feeling needed to be addressed.

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  5. Wow Anushka just WOW!

    I mean from beginning that ending it’s beautiful and it’s strong. The writer ain’t a tender soul cribbing about lost love anymore instead has accepted the fact that it can’t be same anymore and it thus not even thinking of possibilities anymore.

    The line which said we are not us anymore is striking.
    And true that what you said people leave but we’ll always remember how. It’s not always necessary to have a messy ending. But some people don’t just get it.
    It’s always better that we walk away gracefully and show them what it feels like.

    Absolutely beautiful piece.
    And yaa how can we forget the other one in this, he is truly amazing, he believes it or not!

    Sending more and more love and strength your way♥️🤗

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    1. Rashmiiiiiii

      And I know you feel the same. That what was will never be again. Is there any point in being a tender soul now? You can’t treat everybody the same like they have the heart like yours … right?

      The line which you found so striking I found it too and it’s written by Bharath.
      And how they leave always stays..we have often felt this but the flashbacks are the one that haunts the most.

      But now we’re strong!! It doesn’t hurt now. We’re more than happy. And he is indeed amazing but he won’t agree…we know! He is more than stubborn.
      You know how much your comment makes me happy. Sending you more and more love and strength ❤️

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      1. I’ve been good Anushka. Asking myself the big questions of life and finding my way forward… You know just the usual 😜Thanks for asking. I hope you have been well. I often think of my WP friends overseas and how they are going in the current global situation. 💜

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      2. And these big questions have very small answers but we take a lot of time to answer those. Take your time Secret😁
        I’m doing good. Meh? In this current global situation I’m doing nothing other than eating and sleeping 😅
        You say??

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  6. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Wow. Well done, both of you. Yes, he’s Amazing, isn’t he?
    Although if Bharath were to read this, he’ll just roll his eyes and say that we’re being kind!
    Typical Bharaaaaath!

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    1. Thank you so much Shweta and on Bharath’s behalf too.
      He is indeed amazing! That’s why we are the part of his fan club 😛
      Now he’ll again roll his eyes and say we’re being too kind! He can’t take this anymore.


  7. Oh my!! It is just fabulous!
    Each and every line is so striking. I loved it.
    You have written the first paragraph and the second one is his work na!! I felt it right after my first read. 😂

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      1. Anushkaaaaaaaaa! Il Now i feel like adding all the aaaas to your name coz I know that you would be feeling good about it just like I do.😂😂
        I am okay. And how about you?

        Believe it or not, but both of you dripping from your words literally!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahhaa…smart!!
        I’m doing fine Chetna. All smiles to your way.

        Thank you so much Chetna. Bharath needs to see this comment of yours. He should feel how good he is because he never agrees.

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      1. Boring? How??
        Ahh routines!! It definitely sucks.
        Sometimes I feel like leaving all and go for a vacation.

        I can’t even give you hope since we both know… there is no point of hoping in this particular situation 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel like that nearly every day. Just want to disappear somewhere for some days.

        No hopes! Usually it is false hope everywhere, every time. I don’t like it.


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