The Void.

I look ahead into future,
A void stares back!
And you fade away,
Long lost; irretrievable.
Then surges,
A pain, of betrayal,
web of lies and machinations.
The price I paid
For being loyal?

The void now
consumes me.
I start to lose faith,
Emotions are now chained.
Shattered trust,
Burning desires,
And broken promises
Plague the roads to my heart,
And me; a lone traveller!
Prefers the road untraveled.

Do I feel sad?
Do I wail?
Am I fortunate to have
Freed myself?

I am the void
Staring into myself
I am now complete.

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

39 thoughts on “The Void.

  1. Your words hit me hard Anushka. Literally I felt hype in my heart when you express that null feel in your words. Most of times people used to have void in their heart. They couldn’t express anything it’s hard to feel that thing. Here you wrote that beautifully. And comes to last line you nailed it my girl. This is Anushka the positive girl who gives positivity in all her poems. It shows your strength dear. ❤️


  2. Last paragraph..hit hard man!!
    And the whole poem speaks of pain but at the end it is what completes us. Isn’t it!
    Lone traveler takes the road untraveled.. what is it like?

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    1. Thank you so much Chetna😍
      It’s like, on the deserted road of my heart and mind, I’m the sole traveller since this path is less travelled maybe because I’m not allowing anybody to or I’m afraid of getting betrayed again!

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  3. Bang on to the ending Anushka, I am complete. Cheers to the strong girl who wrote this.

    I totally loved the whole idea you presented with that void. I think time will fill that void. All we need is a little patience.

    How do I talk about the wonderful poem you have written. I read it at night only. But as always commenting there takes time.

    You are absolutely amazing free verse writer. I am no longer chaining my thoughts to rhyme. You are teaching me how to write such wonderful stuff.
    This poem is so relatable and powerful the way my Bff is.

    I loved it absolutely ❤️❤️
    More power to the poet✨

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    1. Rashmi💙

      You know, how much I wait for this comment. Cheers to the strong one you have become. And you know how much I’m proud of you.

      Well, I knew you’ll be able to connect with each and every lines written here. This is kind of connection we share right! Understanding each others thoughts through posts.

      And this is how we are, lazyheads! Wanting our own time!

      And you’re my Rhyming Queen. I’m teaching you nothing Rashmi. It’s just that we’re learning from each other. This feeling is mutual. Much love to you and I’m so very proud of you!

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      1. We are indeed lazy heads!
        But the thing that is important is we read each other the moment we post something. Comments aren’t important. Acknowledgement is!

        And this connects us the most!

        So yes Needless to say let’s read instantly and comment whenever our we feel like.

        See you around Anushka ♥️♥️

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  4. An absolute anushka-licious ending.
    I wasn’t really able to figure out the right ending but the kind of fan I have become of your writing I could easily predict the emotions of the ending…and trust me the kind of surprises u have in every post …my prediction of an strong ending wasn’t even a bit near to this actual ending.
    I never thought u’ll end up consuming the void instead of letting the void consume you.
    Ohh your brain is a beauty.
    Thank you for writing this.
    Precious 💙(you know what I mean).


    Liked by 4 people

    1. ‘anushka- licious’ really?🙈
      And all the delicious items you cook?? What about that?😛

      And that’s what we should do right, consuming the void and instead of letting it to consume you!

      That precious is intact.

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  5. First of all this title…so substantial yet very intriguing.
    The very beginning of this poem is so heartbreaking…not that the poem broke the heart but the thread of it…the sequence of statements…And the sense it made in my head.
    And what a perfect use of the word “machinations”…the false schemes and the web of lies… that’s only their way of conning… obviously one at the other side wasn’t being conned in their head just simply convinced of the scheme…

    At first I thought it’s the price one pays of being loyal…
    But the way your writing gave that paradigm shift…I told u about.
    Now it’s more like gaining a new integrity for me.
    an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting.

    That’s the kind of heal your writing has provided.

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  6. Anushk@
    Let me tell you …the kind of content you are creating,
    You are making me enamored of pillow_thoughts.
    Right when I thought you covered the particular theme a total new wing of it popped up here.
    Such captivating thoughts that too congenial to everyone of us.
    This shows the honed skills of the artist in you that just didn’t happen overnight…but over the year slowly slowly 💙

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  7. Woww!! This is heart breakingly beautiful. The second paragraph, so amazingly written. The lone traveller on the road untraveled. I’m loving this particular line the most. And such a powerful ending. You’re amazing!

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  8. I once cried over a heart break💔but after eating rice and chicken. I drunk coke then I realized it was hunger!!!
    Am sorry for your/the persona’s void-it will fill up soon. Meanwhile, be strong for those who are yet to cross the same bridge.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And that’s what Rajma and rice did for me😛. Sometimes it’s the food that can handle us.

      Thanks you so much Nomison. I hope you’re doing well absolutely fine.


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