A dilemma!

I split myself open for you, sewing myself up hurts, it’s true.
You sell them your soul
Games change,
You see the dice roll.

The ambiguity and never ending optimism,
The shifts in paradigm!
Looming, fearful
And Paradoxically worrisome.
Being doleful; an addiction?
Neither of you can find happiness.
One piece breaks into two
Tell me, which one are you?

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

43 thoughts on “A dilemma!

  1. Hii Anushka,
    I hope you’re doing great. Today my appreciation is for choices of your words. As always you rock in your content. I loved this a lot. But I am flattered by the words you used here.
    Loved it 💚


  2. How Interestingly this ends with a question that even after reading it I stayed in it …see another paradox…
    Ending the reading still not really ending it…made me think..
    One piece broke into two…was there a choice of being any one of them….or it just happened??…do they possess the quality of the actual one piece divided between them or just two pieces with equally opposite new properties??…did one get to choose by evaluating them both or just moulded into one of them because of the situation??…

    But one question where i really get stuck to…is

    Was there at all a perfect piece??…
    Let’s see it this way

    Is it even compulsory so be the perfect piece?


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    1. Okay! So, according to me perfection is an illusion and the one who seek perfection remain unfulfilled their whole lives! Seek to be whole not perfect!!
      And looking beyond your imperfections!! This is what perfection is.

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  3. Ok so right when I think that you have set up a scale, a tempo or like a format to put and craft your thoughts in…you just break it…you break the template every single time.
    No same format… always exploring and still bring the perfection out of it…I know you won’t accept the word perfection…so let say the best out of it…for the instant.
    Never thought such few words can contain something so wide.
    Thank you for writing it.

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  4. Anushk@
    If I split myself open after reading this …I can assure that you’ll find a dumbfounded, bit weirdly optimistic person whose wrong paradigm got the right shift after seeing your blog over the past year.
    I am truely a proud fan not just because of the content I get here.
    But because I get to learn alot from the posts … that’s the beauty of it… imagine you just penned the thought you got from within and it taught many things to the readers.
    See how your work is inspiring lives…#fanday


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    1. I really liked the first five lines you wrote🙈😛
      Though the half of it is not true! But I’m loving the way you twisted the statements and wrote this.

      And see…the one who inspires me, is being too modest here! I’m inspiring no one. But, you!! It’s countless!

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  5. Wow Anushka!
    How do you do this? Writing your heart out! The second paragraph, is amazing. I am loving those paradox and when you ask about, is feeling sad an addiction. The last lines..too good.

    I’m falling for your writing😍

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