Count on it.

It’s hard to live with what ifs, ain’t it? There must always be this constant faint aching in your stomach, like a butterfly turning back into caterpillar.
I’m afraid, I feel it too.
How in the world did we get here? How did we live through it? How are we even living?

Why is it that?
We long for the beginning when the story ends? We don’t give a shit, do we?

You can imitate a light like mine; but you cannot become it.
If I’m not the love of your life,
I’ll be the greatest loss.
Count on it.

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Learning new everyday..!!

34 thoughts on “Count on it.

  1. Okay so without bothering to think that my comments are getting longer than the actual post…I am gonna write this…

    First of all…this ain’t just a blog…this is actually life quotes in each and every line of it…
    We can just take a line and it’ll be a life quote starting from very first line.
    This might not be the way you were writing few of your recent blogs…but this actually is the way pillow thoughts started… starting from “#shades_of_pain” to “unread” and many more…this was the way you were writing but from there to here you have come a long way…. from trying to make a statement with one of your post to making a life impact statement in every line of it…is where you learnt …not just writing… even the life💙.

    And the most powerful ending.
    I love it.
    Love your work.
    You make us smile… please keep that precious safe 💙.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay…let me check… did I really open pillow_thoughts by anushk@ ?…or did it just redirected to somewhere else🤔…
    That’s how I actually reacted seeing your post’s length…since I am use to those beautiful poem you write…I was even reading this like a poem…( Okay…so confession part done)….
    How do you even get these ideas so close to all the human heads…?…then you mould it to be closest to all hearts.
    Your work is touching every reader’s life and making them feel it’s them.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Getting your love is priceless for me. Not even my life’s greatest loss is enough pay for it!!
    I just felt like writing this.😂
    And the write up is beautiful.💫💜✨

    Liked by 1 person

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