Now, I see me.

Why is life so complicated ? Why does the very air you breathe suffocates? Why do expectations hurt? What’s with the masquerade?

Why aren’t we happy? Why are decisions so difficult? Why are choices so confusing?

What hurts more: losing someone? loneliness?rejection? envy? “Move on” they say “You deserve better!” What is better?

Why are feelings inexpressible?? Are things really that complicated? Or is it us?

Everytime I lie to myself that I don’t care,
about all the bonds we shared.
But now nothing makes me feel bad anymore.
I’ve stored my pride and caring it like my own. I’m pristine and gentle like a fawn.
So, no matter what you do!
In all this and more, I see me, know me and not you anymore.

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Learning new everyday..!!

55 thoughts on “Now, I see me.

  1. I have no words to say about this Anushka. You’re just being amazing. Your poems always hit my heart hardly. I loved how you end this with beautiful positive note. Wish you to be happy ever 😊💜

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  2. Question yourself, then don’t get an answer…And then later to find the answer to that question on your own-“that’s life ”
    Your best thing is that you write that people address themselves…Questioning that little thing of everyone’s life …☺️
    Another very different and true article.👍

    By the way, how do you think so much? 😜

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    1. Questioning myself and getting the answer from you then later on discussing about the answer and forgetting the question 😜
      This is how we do..right??

      By the way, how can you confuse me so much?😁

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      1. Yass you are right 😍
        I am confusing you,like seriously 😂😂
        No no I mean If you write such a dangerous poem, then there is so much in mind that what should be said now ……😜

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  3. Way I see it
    masquerade…is because of the wrong perception we have that we have to impress everyone we meet.
    Decisions are difficult… because we often think of the consequences igniting thoughts in others instead of consequences affecting us.
    And about hurting …the way I see it and I guess u’ll agree too… everything hurts until we are normal human being…

    And it hurts even more when you are asked to or expected to move on .
    Moving on or getting over something gets easier when we do it on our own.

    And those things aren’t complicated at all
    …it’s just us…who can’t express it with just another person.
    Life being so complicated is really a very normal situation … it’s just everyone of us has their own unique complications..
    Like the pride this is our own and needs to be cared like our own.

    Did I get it right???

    A very powerful Post
    Love your ideas and learn alot from it
    Thank you for writing this.
    You gentle fawn… please keep that precious intact.


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  4. Coming to the post …ohh I didn’t realise it’ll turn Into a poem until the end…how is it so easy for you to just put few words in the beginning and grip my head in ur writting.
    I thought we were actually talking while I was reading it .
    Simply something that might come in our head every now and then..
    And the most powerful way of ending it…
    I feel so fortunate to have known you through your evolution..
    May it be the writing …
    May it be the uniqueness in you…

    U were a gem of a person then
    U are a gem of a person now.
    What changed is…that gem Instead of being an add on to something else to make it more beautiful… trying to shine on its own ….
    One thing that never changed is …the sight… beautiful before… beautiful now 💙

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  5. Anushk@
    Mostly after reading your post I am like …a bit quiet… taking my time to let it sink in and the Hangover I told you about.
    But sometimes when I read your content I feel …there must be an entire team of around 10-15 people working for you … taking surveys about how every human mind is thinking …how they react to what emotions and how to connect every word with people heart.
    Then I think an entire team or just a genius mind that thinks of everything …or just you…who think and feel everything like everyone of us and yet in a way it’s never been addressed.
    What are you? …a universal psychologist who can think and penetrate in any head with just her words.


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    1. Okay!
      Now let me start. So after reading your comment, I’m like bit quite, taking my time to let it sink(copied😛) and then reading it again and thinking how can you love this so much.

      And about that team working for me(it’s nothing like that)..I don’t know what to say🙈 all I want is to go inside my shell and not to come out.

      Psychologist? Sooner🙈
      Thank you so much.

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    1. Hey aathmana!
      How have you been?

      So true! That self realisation is important and when we’re able to do that our perception changes until another realisation impacts it. And I guess, that’s a process of learning and growing.


  6. It is fabulous, Anushkaaaa!!😃💜✨
    All the questions having no answers, and at the end, the self realisation! How can someone know me so well to write about me!!😂😂

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    1. Is it? I’m glad that I know you so well then😜
      Don’t you think that self realisation is really important?
      And once you realise something your perception changes about it once n for all.

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      1. 😂
        It is!! The most important part of any situation.
        There are a lot of people around who make us understand, who calm is down, but jb tak andar se nhi aati vo awaaz, tb tk kuch samajh me nhi ataa.😂😂
        And moreover, it makes us grow and be immune towards different situations.✨

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