Dancing to the blues.

Her  eyes.
Shining through window,
showing the beauty of the tanned hues
Amid the light; you’ll see the beam,
like waves with undulating pleats.

In the room that sheltered her soul,
She drifts away in darkness and is now lost.
You think she will make you entirety,
You Plead to let you in.

But her curtains are drawn tight,
That faint silhouette was a just a trick,
played by the light.

And you glanced around the room;
What did you assume?
Music turned on, she’s dancing
To her blues.

Don’t ask for her hand,
Don’t you make a move,
You know where you stand,
Tap into her groove.

Walls have heard her stories,
Wardrobes hide her demons,
Wind craved her voice,
Silence needs no presence.

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Learning new everyday..!!

31 thoughts on “Dancing to the blues.

  1. About the poem you see…for the sake of commenting I can say things that are meant to please you and be done with it.
    But that’s not what I want.
    I need to tell you… obviously u didn’t care about the rhyme and let the words flow the way you or I should say your beautiful heart and the mind wanted it to be.
    But trust me…the sense your poem is making is rhyming with all the emotions your poem went through.
    Trust me …
    The strong portrayal rhymes with the fighter in her…
    The that window light rhymes with the shine in her eyes…
    Those hues rhyming with those pleats in your potrayal…
    Those curtains and light on it making the silhouette … rhyming with the neurones released in our head after reading it.

    I can go on and on.

    “Dancing to her blues”…I am still figuring a way out of this doped line💙

    Last stanza is the perfect anushk@ touch…

    Loved every bit of it.
    Thank you for writing this.
    I hope u get to smile wide the way I am while reading your poem.
    Precious 💙


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anushk@
    This post 0f yours …I was just up from an afternoon nap and this craft…with my blur vision I read once… couldn’t understand. But the fan thing u see…I rushed to wash my face with cold water because that’s what excitement and joy of your post does .
    Read it like 5-6 times before I could say anything about it.
    Once I start to picture everything you carved…every scene…every escence of this poem made me realise how beautifully a person with such beautiful mind of yours, is able to describe such beauty in fewer words.
    Are you at all going to leave any of the genre untouched ??
    Are you at all going to leave any of the heart untouched?


    Liked by 1 person

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