A Twisted Tale.

Two lost souls;
In parallel dimensions.
well matched!

Mind possesing;
Short-lived fantasy.
Instant and intense.
Indulging, devouring, hypnotising.
And then the reality!
Threatening to shatter.

Soaring into the skies; those inconceivable heights.
Smiling through tears; hiding fears.
Paths crossing briefly and this wordly.
This dreadful innate reality; pointing fingers!

The acceptance of what was and will never be again.
A realisation so uncertain.

Soul- mates?
Shared sentiments!
A mere delusion?

This feeling,
incapable of being annulled.
Surrounding oneself in city lights,
lost in sea of faces.
Unfamiliar feelings!

Seeing you floating away,
hoping you to be happy anyway.
And this wheel of time!
Has left me in vain.
Of how we went from strangers to friends and strangers again.

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Learning new everyday..!!

45 thoughts on “A Twisted Tale.

  1. Hi Anushka,
    This poem is hitting my heart. I don’t know why on earth we are meeting people with whom we can’t be together for long. Really this thing is heart breaking nah?
    Yeah, it’s reality to face this. Your words bringing lot of memories back. Each and every phase of life some people vanish from life and we see new persons too. But often we feel for the person who left from us. Only time could heal everything.

    I hope you’re doing good😊 Take care


  2. Talking about the poem…
    If I were to talk about this…I might have to pick each and every line and say something about it…. because that’s what each and every line of your does to my head…
    It’s like something countinously pouring in my head ….like a dose of happiness with a happy line…a doze of tragedy with a tragic or sad line…but every line has an element to give to our feelings.
    Word selection absolute best.
    And everybit you write at one side and then comes the boldness in your poem…

    A line that address the harsh unaddressed feeling yet the reality of the world…that is making your work more and more admirable and relatable.

    Like here “this dreaful innate reality ; pointing fingers!”
    A Powerful line and you , with this line pointed that middle finger to these harsh reality in life.

    I could talk about everybit in your poem and go on and on and on.
    Being a fan I won’t get tired of doing so.
    Thank you for giving such content .
    Love your.
    Hope that precious is intact .


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  3. Anushk@
    As much as I am devastated to read the journey of two souls come across each other and then went ahead saperately. I stil found your art to be so upbeat.
    Don’t take me as senseless fan…but trust me…you are not sticking to one kind of poem and able to explain a full story in such few words. Like I said before with every poem you are way more mature than that of another poem experience should make you.
    Absolute stunner!
    Yes I struggled a little with vocabulary but that’s my fault.
    #fanday….missed your writing…. welcome back.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Welcome home you girl! I missed you a lot, you know this!
    A lot happened in your absence and you seem to write all my troubles down in this poem.

    “Reality threatening to shatter”
    Illusion was so comforting but then the reality which is harsh but we have to accept.

    “The acceptance of what was and will never be again.
    A realisation so uncertain.”
    These lines are soul of the poem.

    And the ending strangers to friends to strangers again!
    Sad but true.

    Leaving the sad part aside, if I come to your poem it’s beautiful, amazing. I loved how each and every emotion is carved so beautifully and so gracefully.

    I am so proud of you and the happiest one to have you back♥️
    Stay with me, I need you at all times!
    I love you♥️🤗

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    1. Rashmi.
      Yessssss.. WordPress is a home sweet home, with most amazing people and I’m feeling so good after being back. And most importantly the love you all have for me.
      How would I miss anything from you haa? Tell me! We shared our troubles, haina? This means we are always here for each other.

      Sometimes we can’t unheed the reality, we have to face it at the end of the day. This is what I have learnt. To whatever extent we run, but it will come following you. Then we are fighting at every step! That’s what makes us strong, right? And that’s what you are, and I’m so very proud of you.
      I’m here for you all the time. Love you more❤️


  5. Anushka!
    So let me tell you, you have been missed. I was waiting for a notification from you and see I got one today.
    Coming to your poem😍
    This is a masterpiece. How you have carved this so beautifully haa.
    These lines:
    strangers to friends and strangers again.
    Wow!!! Loved this poem all over.

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