Of my kind!

I unzipped my skin,
carefully unscrewed my head.
And I was right!
I am more than weird and a bit awkward.
I am not a kind of beautiful you’ll end up saying ‘wow’.
I’m a deserted road,
a shuffling mess.
Sometimes I smile and cry for no reasons.
I am at content.
Lying awake staring at nothingness,
manifesting the void in me.

And then,
I’m of a kind;
watching sweet movies and masking my tears.
I try to sing when nobody is home to hear.
Quietly humming my favorite tunes while I write.
Sometimes I get imbibed in stories,
Imagining myself in the plot.
Then feel shattered when I don’t like the end.

I’m of a kind;
With a flash of mystery.
Trying to get through,
distress, affection, glory.
So, I’ll understand if you give up on me.
I’ll cry and will be okay,
after a while.
I bite my nails,
when I feel anxiety.
I’m of a kind;
That I’ll walk away if you don’t want me.

I’m of a kind;
That stay calm in face of rage,
burning in fury.
Happiness; delusional or temporary?
Forever; A myth?
Hope; unknown?
Such a mental unrest.
Yes, I am burning!
In the sheer voilence,
A beautiful voilence,
Of my kind!

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

64 thoughts on “Of my kind!

  1. You are one of a kind that’s rare to find and I am blessed to have you by my side!
    This poem is again a Masterpiece by you.
    I loved the whole poem and not the poem in tit bits.
    The questions you put up in last stanza are worthy to be thought about!

    It’s beautiful!
    Take care!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey Anushka,
    Here in this poem I could relate me in many places. Your words speaks out your heart always. How you’re depicting the mental voice is very awesome❤️
    I loved each and every line in this.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Now coming to the poem…
    Everybit as beautiful as you really are
    But The things I know about u…makes me modify a few things like

    -you are a kind a of beautiful that one will not end up saying just “wow”…it’ll be more
    -you are a deserted road that is heading towards the most heavenly destination.
    -a shuffling beautiful mess

    The way you have described the part where the ending of stories makes one feel shattered if they don’t like the ending is my favourite and most relatable part of your poem.
    You have made it really connecting.

    So many things but you know I ain’t giving up on you.
    Don’t you think?…

    You know the ending is really getting centre of main attraction of your poem…such strong and tempting ending makes me go back to the top and read it again and again.

    Thank you for creating this.
    You make all of us smile with your content.
    Make sure that precious stays!


    Liked by 4 people

  4. Anushk@
    First of all let me confess… “unzipping the skin” I got it…
    But this “unscrewed my head” wasn’t really a phrase to me…I got carried away with just the word literal meaning…was kind of looking for “cranium box”…under that unscrewed head..

    Ok so leaving this significantly non-funny humour of mine…
    I have to say this is such a pleasure being your fan.
    I have been a fan of many things…but eventually they have disappointed me in some ways…but not here.

    Not a single time.
    It’s like with every poem of yours…
    I should use a very beautiful dialogue to say it…which is
    “You are 10 year older than you were a year before”…

    Same thing with your poems…they are a written with 10 times the experience than it was a poem before.

    Pillow_thoughts should come in a news letter or something to keep in my home.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. You just make me speechless Anushkiiii ♥️
    Written with your pen and a wonderful poem that made me happy to read, I was lost in it😊😊
    You are just awesome

    Liked by 3 people

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