Loving you unconditionally!

It’s astonishing, how easy falling in love is;
With sleepy faces,
Cranky voices,
The pink blushes and
Dilated pupils;
like an ocean reflecting the summer sun.
The clumsy eaters
Laughing hysterically with tears rolling down
Faces glowing,
Neon lights leading to the countdown.

Addictive? seductive?
You sure you’re the first?
Affection shown is affection lost;
Love Burns through the skin like tattoo.

Knocks your door
in the middle of night.
And see; you are sitting with them in candlelight.

Doesn’t matter how broken they are,
You long to kiss them like remissions.
You hold on to them like hope.
You cherish their scars.

I said,

Won’t burden you with my care,
But guard you from your nightmares.

Tonight, let your shatters
collapse into my lap!
And in the blanket of love, I’ll have you wrapped.
I’ll love you on a pleasant day,
And through a hurricane.
You can see me standing,
When I’m here, you’ve got shade.”

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

24 thoughts on “Loving you unconditionally!

  1. Won’t burden you with my care,
    But guard you from your nightmares.

    I was asked to stop caring and yes to unlove the one whom I loved. So it’s totally relatable to me.

    Anushka you are a fabulous poet and you never fail to amaze me with your write ups.
    I loved this poetry!

    I love you so much and I miss you a lot these days!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rashmi❤️
      But you know what…we love you alott. Sometimes things are not meant to be the way it should be.
      And this is what life is …haina?
      And I know…you are the strongest.

      I love you more.


  2. Coming to the post,
    To many lines to be hinged on…
    Every one of us at some point have seen or faced or believed in unconditionally loving someone… whoever that might be but your way of expressing it here makes it even more beautiful of an experience than it really is.
    This indeed is a sign that you have that in you … being able to express every thought you can accumulate in your head irrespective of the theme.
    I am still plugged to the line “guard you from your nightmare” …you know how I can relate to it…we discussed about it earlier. Righto!??
    Such beautiful piece you have carved here.
    Thank you for giving it to us.
    Keep writing and keep expressing.
    Love your work!
    Your fan does that unconditionally.
    Make sure that precious stays.


    Liked by 3 people

  3. anushk@
    Have you heard of Artistic integrity??….
    Why am I asking this?… because that’s what you are maintaining here. Never letting your readers down at all.
    I can go on and on and on just to praise your efforts that you make in writing such pieces.
    With no knowledge about poem, I still enjoy every line of yours because that is what connecting with every one of us.
    Ask anyone here in the comment section…who doesn’t connect with them…
    I personally am a fan forever’…
    Please keep writing!


    Liked by 3 people

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