Knock at the door!

Before I draw myself to fire,
I was silent water.
Appeasing the thirst of every expiring creature.
My sky was falling,
and I was afraid to look up.
I gave and gave,
and didn’t realized;
When my sea metamorphosed to desert.

I saw my shivering world,
tumbling down.
Like heaven whirling undesirable,
Scathel surge of smoke and dust,
making conditions unfavorable.

Then, there was a knock at the door!
And to my surprise it was Hope.
Standing with heavy baggages,
asking me;
Your smile is lovely!
Can I have one?

Can’t help, I smiled.
Tears rolled down my eyes.
She said;
I heard you hate your eye colour!
Because it’s dull, black messed with kohl.
Seeing at you I actualize:
It has a view of starry night.
With stars studded clear and bright.

I hope you never say that again!
These dark black clouds has most beautiful rain.
Do you live for somebody?
And somebody lives for you?
If not!
I hope when you look in the mirror,
It smiles for you.
Tell me about your despair,
and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile, let the world whine.

Let sun shine,
Head above the clouds,
Swimming river currents swift in proud.
Looking at the vastness of sea,
feel like you are free.
Let the star spark,
to remind you of the winsome dark.

You might be a still water!
But for me;
You are a dam exploding as waterfall.
And that matters after all.

I saw her turning;
Passing from the doorway.
But all I wanted her to stay!


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Learning new everyday..!!

37 thoughts on “Knock at the door!

  1. Anushka your post always ends with beautiful positive note. Its cute when she asks for your smile.
    To be honest in that ‘she’ I could feel you dear. You’re the positive girl who could string the words so beautifully.
    What to say?? I loved it ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mitty❤️
      First of all let me tell you..I really missed you. I hope you are absolutely fine, doing great!
      And you always catch the right nerve of the poem. If you say that ‘she’ is me..then I’ll be the happiest to accept that.
      Thank you so much Mitty.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anushka I too missed you. I am doing great dear. I stucked in some other work so couldn’t be active here.
        I searched for your posts when I return back and you gave me wonderful read. Thanks for your concern and posts.
        I hope you too doing good.
        Stay happy🤗😊


  2. You know I am loving the ending …so something such artistic needs a great ending to justify the Beauty of and you kept that maintained.
    I am every bit proud of being the no. 1 fan of your work.

    That when you wanted her(hope) to stay… should I try continuing one more stanza ??..

    Here you last stanza

    I saw her turning;
    Passing from the doorway.
    But all I wanted her to stay!

    (To be continued…)

    She stepped away
    Walking right out …she wasn’t returning
    But whatever she said
    Kept a fire inside me burning.

    With that fire with in
    I lost her sight
    She kept walking and fading in

    Loosing the sight of hope
    And life totally dope
    I felt hopeless for a moment.

    Closed the door and turned back
    Here’s a life hack
    I saw hope walking away
    And now when I turned back
    Saw a room croowdy
    Full of other hopes.

    I remember opening the door after the knock
    I might have noticed only one hope
    And when I engaged in talk
    New hopes were getting stock.

    I ain’t hopeless
    I have enough stock.

    -(a fan seeking your attention 🙈😜😜)

    Love your work!
    Keep Inspiring …keep writing!


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  3. When I was reading it …when I came accross the line
    “I gave and gave,
    and didn’t realized;
    When my sea metamorphosed to desert.”…

    Without going further. ..I had to read this again and again…. particular lines….I couldn’t get over it so simple yet the most powerful line. While writing the comment I feel like reading it and it’ll give me idea to write here.

    How do you get such thoughts…you got me hinged.
    And that’s just one of the powerful lines that are used in the poem.

    It’s amazing how you mentioned “dam exploding as waterfall” ….too many genius lines.

    I remember you telling me – you weren’t sure about it.
    I am dumbstruck …what else you need to be sure of?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anushk@
    Would you tell me ?..would you please let me know ?…that how can one write something so arresting about unfavorable conditions. I am loving the idea of creating hope as a person the way you did back in karma…i could literally see her talking and leaving the room.this is such an idiosyncratic talent of yours.


    Liked by 2 people

  5. Anushka♥️♥️
    How do I tell you how much I love you for this!

    I mean the way you began it, and then how you introduced hope knocking at door and how it asks you to smile. Brilliant concept at the first place.
    And then the way it tells about your eyes, the way it compares to rain and waterfall.
    I am short of words to express anything right now.

    This just mesmerized me. I am proud of you for this, otherwise also but this has my heart. You are a wonderful being my BFF ❤️

    And guess what the hope shall stay once it reads you.
    I wish you love my girl♥️

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    1. You already told me Rashmi ❤️
      You don’t have to say anything.

      Well, hope is all that gives one a reason to try and try…and can even make you smile if you feel everything is going wrong.

      I glad you liked the thing about eyes and tears as rain. Thank you so much Bonbon. I am so happy that I made you proud …like you always make me❤️
      Much love to you too.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Anushkaaaa!!!!
    You are back with a bang.
    I absolutely loved this.
    And the line;
    These dark black clouds has most beautiful rain.
    wowwwww 😍
    What a thought!
    And I loved the ending so much…like you were hopeless in the beginning and when she came.. gave you hope and now you don’t want her to leave.
    Amazing 🙌

    Liked by 5 people

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