Dare Not!

Are you okay?
They ask!

And I respond quickly,
in much better and most beautiful way,
so that they can’t notice the
tremor in my voice,
tidal waves in my eyes,
and drought in my heart.

And in all this and more,
lies a mind deeply lost,
wandering on twisted paths.
Knowing that behind every laugh,
lies agony.
Behind every hope, there are dark thoughts.
There is a noise around,
and you seek for quietness.

But, what if my heart has an empty spaces?
Does that mean I am not strong?
How dare you to assume of things that I am not..!!
I am defined by no one,
because it’s my story!
I am both combat and woman and you cannot stop me.

I have learnt that all these empty spaces,
means you have a room enough to grow.
My trials are mine alone,
So, stop uplifting those brow.

If you have an empty spaces,
don’t think it’s wrong.
The storm in your heart,
is enough to demolish those morons.

So, Let it thunder.
Let it rain.
Let it flood.
Let it destruct.

The world has disappointed you,
but universe will not.
So, Hey..
You Jerk!
‘Dare not..!!’


Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

42 thoughts on “Dare Not!

  1. The first paragraph was damn relatable. Many a times we don’t have that power and patience to let out the storm which we go through. And then, everyone is not able to withstand it either.
    Behind every hope there are dark thoughts…!So nice and true.
    I liked the way you wrote about empty spaces.
    Amazing work, Anushka.💜✨

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    1. Hey Chetna!

      First of all, I’m so sorry for replying to your comment so late, idk how it went into spam.

      Thank you so much.
      And about empty spaces, I guess everybody must have witnessed this at some point in there lives.

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    1. Thank you so much sreyaa❤️😍
      Well..this poem was a dedication and an answer to those who think we women are no one and to those who have a habit of continuously poking in your life.


  2. My trials are mine alone,
    So, stop uplifting those brow.

    Beginning with these lines. I so loved it. People raise their brows as if they have stepped into our shoes or as if they are fighting our battles. So yaa good one to shut their mouth.

    The world has disappointed you,
    but universe will not.
    So much positivity in the lines. I wanna believe everything that’s said in such a consise manner.

    Knowing that behind every laugh,
    lies agony.
    Behind every hope, there are dark thoughts.
    This is so true again. I totally related to this.

    All in all a beautiful composition Anushka.
    I loved it to the core!
    See you around ✨


    1. Rashmi ❤️
      Having you here is a bliss. Whenever I see you in my notification, that smile comes automatically.

      I am so happy that you loved this. It was just an attempt..but hearing this from you that you could relate to some of the lines…I am feeling great.

      And yes, this poem was just an answer to few people…who think they have a control of our lives as well. They want to know everything what’s going with us. So, it was just a shut up note to them.

      And I am always around…you know that.

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  3. See how strong it sounds…as in I was realting to it and seeing it happening right in front of me.
    You know I am strong believer of this question
    “Are you ok?”…but only answerable to those who asked it out of real care…not to the kind of “jerk” you mentioned.
    I believe if I really care…i’ll notice the tremors
    Not that m gonna succeed everytime…but I can try and not to be that jerk.

    And yet you know.. being asked this question… without genuine concern makes us strong enough to call that person “hey….you jerk…dare not”.. shut the f.. up….and get a life of your own.

    “I am both combat and woman…”

    This hit me…I dare not forget this line ever.

    I love your work…even when it scared the shit out of me.

    Keep writing and keep giving me goosebumps!

    Just maintain that precious on you!


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    1. And you know that…I too believe in this…it is only answerable to those who really care.

      You always notice those tremors..no doubt.

      Did it really sacred you?
      But after writing this…I was smiling.
      That precious is because of few people only.

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  4. Blog day …I knew it’s going to be bewildering.
    But I didn’t know it would make me go and check the last conversation we had on text.
    I was dumbfoundingly blown.
    Such a genius gem your mind is.
    I read this and my recent conversations with u thrice to be satisfied.
    But this stimulated me.
    Such versatile poet u are.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes I had to check it …you know why🙈

        And yes I know a bit about it
        And versatile is what you are becoming 💙


  5. Intense lines, flowing all the emotions out, well I loved it. It’s ok to get upset and outrage, feelings are meant to go out. Well I didn’t expect that Jerk in the end. But I liked this work anyway 🤗. Amazing work! Keep up.. you are doing amazing ✨✍️ Have a wonderful Sunday 💐

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Simon!
      Thank you so very much😊❤️🙈
      Well…that jerk came out in sudden outburst of emotion…I wrote this in little bad mood. It was just an answer to few people.

      Well..thank you so much 😊
      Have a wonderful day Simon ✨

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  6. Anushkaaaaa…!!!
    Your poems are so powerful.
    The lines were you say..I am combat and woman you can’t stop me…you won me there.

    When you say…my trials are mine alone…and the storm in your heart is enough to demolish them..
    I felt those lines.
    You know what….you are Powerpuff girl😍💕

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  7. Well, there may be “jerks” asking how you are just with not so good intentions towards you.
    But the converse is not always true. There are genuine people as well. It wouldn’t be proper to paint everyone in the same brush, right?

    I have read a few lines from the “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton (the author or Jurassic Park). It says “The World is not what you want it to be. The World is what it is”.. It contains the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s neither a utopia, nor a hopeless dystopia, but has clusters of both.

    You are right Anushka. You are defined by no one other than you yourself. It’s OK to feel angry or sad and it’s OK to vent everything out in a non-destructive manner.

    Great poem as usual. Full of intense emotions I must say.
    Great work Anushka.. ❤ Hope you are genuinely OK.. 🌼😊

    Have a great week.. 😊😊

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