The Laws of Karma (A story)

Just when I thought I had my share,
Just when I thought it was over,
I heard a voice,
There is always more to the story‘.

I looked out into the darkness,
out of my window,
staring at distant light.
I felt a touch which was untouched and pristine.

She said, ‘You might be wondering, Who am I?’
I am a darkest shades of black and the lightest shades of white.’
‘I am KARMA’
‘The one whom you all call,
a bittersweet bitch..!!’

As my emotions takes over,
my heart was doing somersaults.
Then she said, ‘I know, how are you feeling.’
Nobody is happy all the time.’
‘You think, you have lost the battle?
‘I have rained them on you.’
‘Do you know why?’

Sometimes you have to suffer in life,
not because you were bad.
But because, you didn’t realized,
where to stop being good.’

Nothing remains the same in life.’
‘I can turn the tables anytime,
Just remember that,
all the shits someone put you through,
sooner or later,
finds it’s way back to them.’

I closed my mind,
before my heart could wander off.
Then I realized,
She had a point..!!
I walked out into the light searching for her.
The more I wanted her,
the more she was getting hard to find.

Then I heard her voice again;
I saw that.’
‘Have faith in the power of time,
and trust in the cycle of Karma.
I’ll meet you at the end of the story.’

Then, I asked her, ‘Why me?’
With my raging voice,
I told her,
I hate you for the way you are smiling at me.
I hate you for hanging up on me.
I hate you for the times you didn’t turned up.
I hate you for the way you made me feel,
when you knew I was not wrong.

The time stood still…

I felt a fiery firestorm,
and I heard her voice again;
It doesn’t matter, if you like me or not.
That’s your cross to bear afterall.
You think, I am just a fool,
Blaming me for mistakes, you people make,
when it’s your own bed, what you made.’

I felt a renewed fear surge through my veins.
Before I could say,
She said straightway;
Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation,
who deserves only one answer,
and who deserves absolutely nothing.’

With your every mistakes,
Learn the lesson it makes.
Or I will let you dig your own grave
and I won’t come in your way.’

‘So, just breathe and walk away’
‘Let me deal with them,
and if you’ll be lucky,
I’ll let you watch that game.’

I felt her floating away,
giving a sense of hope to the dark recesses of my brain.
All the bullshits that I have received,
it’s time for them to pay.
There is always more to a story,
She gave me a reason to live again.
And yet I slept in peace that night,
When I realized,
I dreamt of her with an open eyes.

But then she crossed my mind again,
I am not a revenge or a punishment,
I am a mirror of your soul’s mistake.
Words can lie but eyes will not,
People will forget,
But me, KARMA will not.’


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Learning new everyday..!!

56 thoughts on “The Laws of Karma (A story)

  1. Cheers to the beginning Anushka!
    Just a bang on!

    Look at your description of karma
    I am a darkest shades of black and the lightest shades of white.’
    ‘I am KARMA’
    ‘The one whom you all call,
    a bittersweet bitch..!!’
    Out of the box.

    Sometimes you have to suffer in life,
    not because you were bad.
    But because, you didn’t realized,
    where to stop being good.’

    Then this one is so moving. So much truth in the lines. I really appreciate this bluntness of karma here.

    And then people will forget karma will not. Outstanding. Brilliant. And all the synonyms of it.

    Acha in between there were so many other lines that I really loved!

    Beautiful, bold, game changing.
    I absolutely loved it!

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    1. Thank you so much love❤️

      And these lines…that you don’t realize where to stop being good…is so true. In making others happy… sometimes we forget ourselves.

      I am glad you loved this.
      See me soon ✨

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  2. This is brilliant, Anushka! I couldn’t point a single line; I thoroughly enjoyed each and every word, and the essence behind them. This was more like exploring the inner self. ✨

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  3. Obviously “not a revenge or punishment
    Mirror of your soul’s mistake
    Really well said
    Here’s my take –
    (An interaction with it like you)

    No little bitch,
    Just a thought provoking snitch,

    Considering it’s non- existance,
    Eyes filled with regrets and repentance.

    Had an idea about karma,
    Which I thought was not more than a fallacious drama.

    In a room full of people,
    People with no trouble In life.
    (At least that’s what their faces said)

    I sat and felt alone in the crowd,
    Noticed suddenly the volume of people laughing fades,
    I could still see the happiness
    And happiness with no sound of it.

    Heard a voice
    Coming from some other corner of the room,
    My eyes searched for it
    Turned out to be a man, sitting across the hall
    Facing his back to me,
    Sound felt familiar yet so strange because of the tone.

    “Wondering why is it so hard only for you to live?”, He said.

    Me still trying to have a look of the only audible person there is, sat curious with confused face said nothing.

    “Don’t try so hard to see the face of a voice, it might as well be from with in”, he said.

    Me trying to figure out, why is this voice so familiar, “who are you?”, I said.

    He turned, faced me, faced me good and clear.
    He was me, but not me,
    He was me, but no wrinkles of stress on his face,
    He was me, but everything that I never became,
    He was me, but could say that I could never be able to speak,
    He was me, but with a clearer thinking,
    He was me, but happy.

    “Who are you?”, I asked
    “I am you”, he said.

    “No, you seem more contrasting”, I said.
    (The way you mentioned anushka- ” darkest shade of black and lightest shade of white”.)

    He just stood there and waited.

    “You are a personality goal I seek but so distant more like a role model”, I said.

    ” A role model never tells, he/she shows”, he said.
    ” Choose wisely, you have enough of what you need to make that decision. Nobody says that I am a role model, it’s you who has the power to make one.”

    ” Your disappointment reaps out of the wrong corps you harvested.” He concluded.

    Let everything happened to you
    Beauty and terror,
    Just keep going
    No feeling is final.
    (Last stanza isn’t mine…but best suited here)


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  4. You made the intent from the first stanza so clear that not letting karma get away without the conversation of your satisfaction.
    And the last stanza, you know which lines.. everyone would mention it for sure , is so powerful …. that’s so you and your mighty words.
    I read it like 10 times to figure what could I possibly say about it.
    And nothing, absolutely nothing I got.
    You genius!,
    Keep creating , keep Inspiring.
    More you write, mightier you get.


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  5. Anushk@
    I am sure after writing this even you might have waited amazed of the thing you created.
    If I start talking about it might never be able to describe what actual beauty this piece is.
    First of all many congratulations! On crossing 400 followers and righto! You work like an well experienced blogger now.
    You just know how and what kind of maturity and creativity a blogger at your stage needs in her blog.
    So Thank you for being one finest blogger.

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  6. Well written poem Anushka.. Beautiful use of words as usual.. 🙂

    I however have a Polar opposite view to yours. I don’t believe in Karma or anything similar to that. There are imbeciles on this planet who don’t deserve to live, and yet they are living (some might even be 70+ years old).
    And there are people like Irrfan Khan or Dr. Kalam who should have lived for 200 years, but their life was mercilessly cut short.
    There is no Karma. It’s just an artificial imagery used as a stick to make others believe in something “supernatural” and do good to avoid “punishments”.

    Good poem anyways..!!

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    1. Thank you so much Abir.

      Everybody has there own thoughts and opinions and that determines there direction of life. I respect your opinion as well.
      And that’s true…some berks on this planet, who doesn’t deserve to live are still living and the great ones..
      Like the names you have mentioned…they should have lived for more than 100 years…
      But I have a thing to share.
      I have once read a conversation between a mother and child.
      When the child asks her mother, why do great people die early..
      Then she replies….in a garden full of flowers..which flower would you love to pick…of course the most beautiful one, right?
      That’s what God do..!!

      Thank you for sharing your views Abir😊
      Have a wonderful weekend 💙

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      1. It’s good to have a different opinion, isn’t it? After all, it might open up new avenues for thoughts, logic or reasoning..

        I liked your story and your opinion, but I still cannot subscribe to it. Plucking flowers from a garden will make it ugly and will render the entire garden dead in some time.

        Have a great weekend Anushka..
        Thanks a lot.. 🙂

        Have written another article.. Hope you review it when you are free.. ❤

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      2. Thank you Abir.
        Every body has different way of thinking and I really admire yours.

        That’s just a piece of writing.
        And I’ll be soon on your blog. Tomorrow’s Monday too…so I am going to have a treat of reading both of your posts.

        Well today’s poem…it’s just a particular mood in which I have wrote this. I am not pointing any particular person or I am declaring everybody the same.
        The bad mood made me write this.

        Have a great day Abir.

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      3. I know that Anushka.. 🙂 You wrote it as a reflection of your mood only and not someone else’s.

        Be calm, take a deep breath, analyse the cause of that mood and solve that.. 🙂 I know it’s difficult, but it does give peace..!!

        Thank you Anushka and you too have a great day..!! ❤

        Awaiting your expert reviews on my article which is there and which is going to come up tomorrow.. 😊😊
        Be happy, be healthy and keep smiling.. 😊😊

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      4. Thank you so much Abir.
        Yes…I am trying to analyze…I just need some time to get out of it. I’ll be fine.
        Thanks for the concern.

        I’ll be on your blog soon.
        Take care.

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  7. Hi Anushka,
    This is really phenomenal. How can you always come such mature ideas in your words Anushka!
    You’re really very sensible. I loved how you described karma here. Such an excellent work ❤️

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    1. Mitty ❤️
      Thank you so much.
      Well, I am still learning to write and exploring myself.
      I am glad you liked it. It always feels so good to hear from you💙
      Take care Mitty.

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  8. Just Wow! I believe in karma , destiny . Very well written
    But then she crossed my mind again,
‘I am not a revenge or a punishment,
I am a mirror of your soul’s mistake.
Words can lie but eyes will not,
People will forget, 
But me, KARMA will not.’
    Loved this ! Awesome !

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    1. Your happysoul is giving me…so Happy vibes❤️
      First of all thank you so much for paying your visit on my blog.
      Secondly…thank you very much..for giving your feedback…it’s really means a lot💙😊

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  9. This is a brilliant work, so nicely framed and delivered. The contents are clear, nothing less, nothing more. This looks a perfect cooking and tastes delicious 😉👌 Keep up Anushka, You are doing this amazing! ✨ I don’t believe in fate or Karma, but I do write superstitions content, from my opinion, I like to go with your thoughts now. I’m convinced for this moment 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my my…!!
      Thank you so very much Simon😃🙈
      I am gratified that I have convinced you with my thoughts for a particular moment 😉
      Thank you so much for liking the taste of what I cooked😅

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  10. Anushka, the way you have written your thinking in Poem, it is worth the praise..What we do for others in our life, it definitely comes back to us in the cycle of life…And according to me this is the karma that we do, that is what we get…And your lines have hit my mind a lot, the special is going to surprise your last lines….
    Keep writting 😊

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  11. Woahhh!!!!

    ‘Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation,
    who deserves only one answer,
    and who deserves absolutely nothing.’

    This is just gold!! 🧡

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  12. ‘I am not a revenge or a punishment,
    I am a mirror of your soul’s mistake.
    Words can lie but eyes will not,
    People will forget,
    But me, KARMA will not.’
    And these lines someup it so beautifully
    Very well written, Anuskha ❣❣❣❣

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  13. Anushkaaaaaaaa…!!!!!!🤩🤩
    Do you have any idea…how brilliantly you have carved this story in a form of poetry. I am falling for your work more and more every single day..!!

    And the last paragraph…so strong…it hitted me like a if karma is saying this to me.

    Liked by 5 people

  14. ‘Sometimes you have to suffer in life,
    not because you were bad.
    But because, you didn’t realized,
    where to stop being good.’

    So so so so true!!!! 👌🏼

    I totally believe in the law of Karma! This circle exists. What you give will always come back to you. So treat others the way you want to be treated. Beautiful message and poem Anushka! 😍

    P.S. I wrote a post months back on Karma:

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I too believe in karma… because of so many readings I have done it.
      Thank you so very much Curious 💙😍…your comments makes my day.

      And I’ll definitely read your this karma post.

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