The other side of a Mirror (A story)

I sat there,
Looking at the part of crowd wandering,
some senseless, some intoxicated,
some contemplating, some chasing their identity and some were shoving behind.

Nobody knew what they wanted,
but all wanting the same thing.
In a crowd,
I push my way through.
I watch the world pass by,
Treachery is a way of life, I decide.

I rushed to find my heartbeat,
while the world was judging and assuming.
Crossing highways and stairs,
Bridges and flyovers,
all roads that was leading me back to home.

Reaching home;
I looked myself in a mirror.
A stranger wearing my clothes,
who was resembling me but was not me.
I saw her world moving too fast,
and she was losing herself in the chaos.

As I looked at her,
I found a library of stories.
Her eyes deeper then well,
which was begging to tell.
Her skin dusky, flushing, warm-beige,
her feets moving barely.

When I examined her more closely,
I noticed,
Tears slipped down her face,
the secret that she was trying to hide.
I looked at her with a sense of wonder,
She was no angel or the devil,
She was infact the balance of all.
There was a raw beauty,
which was reckless and gentle.

She had known pain,
but her soul frains joy.

The constant buzzing of ‘Why me?’ sounds like a music to her now. That why destiny chosed the roads full of thorns for her. No one can hurt you as much you hurt yourself. It’s your choice to choose the road you travel. It’s only the road and you, the sole traveller.
I could feel her faster heartbeats slowing down,
taking new decisions, which was unable to enlive new connections.

She has known the pursuit of her peace,
making her expectations from life minimal,
which was the result of disappointments and rejections.
She had learned to find happiness,
Looking at the mirror, she blew a kiss,
and released herself.

She stopped to bask in the rays,
by setting herself on fire.
Behind the expectations wall,
she changed her track.
On the journey of finding herself,
she knows how to get herself back.
So, follow your heart at any cost,
If you are too sacred of getting lost.


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Learning new everyday..!!

86 thoughts on “The other side of a Mirror (A story)

  1. Anushka, for me this wasn’t just a piece of art work but a story about a girl who’s self-introspecting herself.

    You’re made for such strong storytelling. Please write more and more such ones. I absolutely loved it. ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sumit.
      It always feels so good to hear from you❤️
      And tell storytelling…I don’t think was just an attempt.

      I hope you are absolutely fine.

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  2. Wow wow wow Anushka!

    I read it yesterday only but I am here to comment now.
    It was such a beautiful one to read, the way you’ve told a story through a mirror. I guess each one here could connect it to themselves. It’s ike we are standing on the other side of mirror. It’s everyone’s story.

    Tears slipped down, secrets trying to hide and library of stories.
    I cannot praise it enough!

    I just loved it! I genuinely did!
    See you around ✨

    (P.S- Anushka now I’ll make small comment so it becomes easy to revert)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Rashmi❤️

      First all of all…this p.s part…let me tell you I am laughing…like we discussed…how much lazy we are in responding (let it be secret)

      Thank you so much Bonbon. Let me be honest here…I was desperately waiting to hear from you here and after reading your comment…I am smiling wide and wide.

      I am pleased that you liked it and who could connect to this better than you( it’s everyone’s story).

      I am always around ✨


      1. Haan. Accha hain na. These days all of us are so scattered na. I miss you both together. Although, I have you both individually but remember Trinity? That’s who we are. I love you both.


  3. Wow Anushka! Now I saw me as that girl too. Yeah sometimes expectations would ditch us. At times the mind ask for justification in this life. The way you stated about anxiety and all felt like awe. And here I loved how you conclude this. The positive vibe is spreading like the first Ray of sun ❤️ Thanks for giving such wonderful read Anushka.

    Wish you to be happy for long.

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    1. Mitty❤️❤️
      I just love your name…first of all. And your comment…I can’t tell you how happy I get…when I see your comment notification 🙈😍
      I am gratified….that you could connect to this poetry. I guess… everybody has somewhere felt this part of examining oneself in the mirror and like you said..the ray of hope always waits for us.

      Thank you so much Mitty❤️
      Keep smiling.

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      1. Thank you Anushka, your compliment for my name makes me to smile 😊😊.
        In your poetry I could feel positive vibes. I am enjoying your blog dear❤️
        Stay safe and stay happy 🤗


  4. “Follow your heart at any cost”
    This spoke to me, and this is what I earnestly try to achieve. After all, life is all about extracting happiness from the same, and happiness comes to one when one does what his/her heart likes.. ❤ ❤
    Beautiful poem as usual, Anushka.. You are amazing..!!
    It's a pleasure reading your posts.. ❤ ❤
    Take Care.. Keep smiling..

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much Abir.
      I am glad you follow your heart… because this takes you to amazing wonders in the world…and that makes you happy😊..

      Keep following your heart..see where it takes you next.
      Thank you once again Abir.❤️
      Take care.
      You too keep smiling.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you Anushka for your lovely reply.. ❤ ❤
        I do follow my heart and you should do that too.. Do what you like, that is a big factor which can contribute to your well being and happiness.. ❤

        Take Care and keep smiling.. 😊😊

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  5. 6th stanza… don’t know why that makes me feel
    The girl described is the most beautiful there is.
    And since you did it …I am sure you are the only competition to her and you are winning it with considerable margins beautiful.
    Such strong portrayal needs something within and it tells me how strong of a person you are within.
    You inspire with your word everytime.
    Not that I am a blogger community person who’s words would be that crafted or meaningful.
    But for your work I always feel genuinity
    Keep Inspiring.

    And keep that precious intact.
    Love your work!


    Liked by 4 people

    1. This comment..made my day🙈
      Why you always do this to me haa…you know na..I am not good at taking any sort of compliments.

      But …if I inspired you….I am more than happy❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your artistic creation can never go without me appreciating it.
        Kind of words you accumulated here …my words aren’t enough to justify the kind of appreciation you deserve.

        But one thing is for sure..
        You keep Inspiring me
        That’s constant.

        Keep smiling!

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Obviously the way every one is focused about getting their things done without having the idea that … their way of doing it might trouble the other …tells us treachery is the way of life.
    And obviously getting through all that gets us into the fakeness of expression, selfishness about own goal, rushing through life and pretending to be someone who is loved or at least recognised by society…but with all this in ourselves facing that mirror won’t make us recognisable by ownself on the other side.
    Did I receive your message right?

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  7. Starting from first stanza…describing every shades …I am just blown with your way of making your readers see each and everything in such few words.
    I can really see s girl standing in the middle of a mob full of people chasing life. (Remember the last scene of “the persuit of happyness” when he was standing in the middle of every one…only here she is more like world not herself…but that she realised seeing the person other side of that mirror.. that’s what you made me see…since you know me …you know how much that means to me…you awakening writer 💙)
    After reading it I go back to the mirror and see the person I actually was facing everything no matter what the circumstances were…I would be able to recognise the reality within.
    That too every shade of it.
    Thank you for writing this!


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes…I do remember the last scene …it gave me goosebumps…and I told you that too…those expressions of him…in the crowd….I am still unable to get over it.

      And you know that… you are going to be out from all these shits happening…and we are proud of you. You are being missed vishaltripathi❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This affection of yours and you keeping in mind of things that we talked about leaves me dumbstruck mostly 💙

        Liked by 1 person

  8. The other side of the mirror
    First of all crazy theme. Just reading the title made me see myself in the mirror in many situations.
    Obviously always a different and more real than the one looking into it in the mirror in the first place.
    The amount of depth your title taking me into my head was unreachable before.
    You never siege to start a revolution in my head and reshuffle my perspective about things.
    This is just top-notch!


    Liked by 3 people

    1. You should know this…the title credit goes to you. You have suggested this to me once. I guess I made your head to mine was spinning last evening.
      Let’s share those shuffled perspective of yours soon🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No credits for me all your work …I did nothing.
        You did… spinning my head like totally doped of taquila shots😜.
        Yes let’s do… your time … whenever you say.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow, another Lovely poem, I can imagine her in front of my eyes, “Looking at the mirror, she blew a kiss,
    and released herself.” Beautifully said, follow your heart, and add few additions, listen to mind too, some time heart behaves like it gone for a vacation. And brain behaves like it turned into a nut. It’s a Lovely read keep writing 😍✨👌✍️

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh Simon🙈😍
      I am smiling and smiling…your comments are always awaited.
      Thank you so much for the peice of advice…and that’s true…some times heart doesn’t remain in our control…and like you said….it goes for vacation…then we must listen to our brain.
      Thank you so so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am good Vikas.
        It’s been a long time haa..
        What you are upto?
        I am glad you searched my blog in all…I am smiling and smiling…
        Thank you so much.😊
        Stay connected..!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good to see you smile, Anushka 😀
        So, just got a chance to write a book review because of this blog. Also, as there is no cricket happening these days, thus I am looking to collaborate with someone from a different niche to be better at writing…
        Keep smiling 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Anushka…I am spellbound.
    How do you manage to come up with such an amazing peice. This is beautiful ♥️
    I have seen that your poem always starts with a struggle and ends up on a positive note by giving a lesson. With every poem of yours …I find a part of you is connected.. which connects us with your work💕

    Liked by 5 people

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