Little things✨

We always live for little things in life. It can be a 5 AM sunrise, 6 PM sunset or a starry night, where you will see colours in the sky that don’t usually belong. You live for road trips, long drives and bike rides with music in your ears and a wind caressing your hair. You live for a simple good morning and a good night text from your favourite people. You live for that one day to spend with your best friend, who is far away from you. You crave for that goodnight kiss from your mother, when she is not beside you. You live for that protecting arm from your father and brother. You live for that hug, that can make you feel better. You live for days, when you are surrounded by your loved ones, who make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place. You live for little things but you still search for things what is actually not required.

I have once read, that people need just three things to be truly happy in this world, someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.
But, how can we get these three things?
May be by enjoying and cherishing the little things in life because, someday when you will look back, you will realize they were big things.
We just need to cherish those little things. I have found that, I still feel high and very low in life, daily. But, I have finally accepted the fact that, sensitive is just how I was made and neither I have to hide this nor I have to fix unless and until I have people who are there at the end of the day to comfort me. See, just a little thing, but it really matters.

Personally, I never forget the way a person makes me feel. Memories can fade away and the words that were said, may get jumbled, but good feeling always override the bad ones unless you have people to give those good feelings.

I have noticed that, when all the lights are on, in a daylight, people tend to talk about what they are doing, their outer lives more precisely, pretending to be the one they are not, they look the happiest. But, sitting round in candlelight, firelight, moonlight while staring stars, they talk about their feelings- their inner lives. They speak subjectively, they argue less, there are larger pauses. Just a little thing, but no one notices.

You can write for hours and hours for all the things you wish you could be, you feel. But, there are times, you can’t even hold a pen, to write something, just because you don’t even feel and then there comes a person who reminds you of the statement that you once said to them, that writing comes naturally, you can’t force your feelings. Just a little thing, but it matters, because it made you feel better.

If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it but most importantly, show it. Life is finite and fragile, just something is there one day, it might not be the next day. Live for little things in life.

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Learning new everyday..!!

141 thoughts on “Little things✨

  1. I enjoyed reading this. The three things needed to be happy are the things which people often left unnoticed. They just run behind the biggest things leaving all the little happiness behind.. While reading this I get some good feel. Thank you for nice blog🙂

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  2. This was…..beautiful. I could actually feel all the emotions that were there in this post. Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought in this, and I just have to say; it’s lovely.

    Stay safe!🤗

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  3. Anushka, your words brought warmth to my heart and reminded me to cherish all those people and simple things in life that brings immense joy to one’s heart. Thank you💖

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    1. Thank you so much Rishabh 😊
      I still have an award pending from you. I’ll do it soon. I know I am being lazy🙈
      But, you are my dearest friend…you will understand, haina?😅


      1. Be cool anushka, I really don’t your being late, I know you are just trying to read and learn new things from books so that you can do things more better. I appreciate that so much…. doing these awards is all your choice, I wont mind it at all. I just nominated you cause you were one of my favorite person here, a friend and I like your words. so congratulations, and cheer up.

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      2. Thank you so much Rishabh. I’ll do it soon.❤️
        It’s my pleasure to get nominated by you.
        And I want to be that favourite always 🙈😊
        Thank you once again..!!


  4. You know the thing about night…and ease of expression in night is a reality.
    It’s relatable to me.
    After spending all day with your favourite people for which you waited for months…. departing from them at the end of an amazing day wouldn’t be easy if it’s not for the night…when one can hide their tears and pretend to not making any effort to save urself from a filled up heart

    I found it easier to express in nights.
    Thank you for writing this very topic.
    Keep growing.

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  5. About the writing thing you talked about that someone told “it’ll come naturally”.
    Not that it really should matter but here’s my take about it…

    “When you lead with your nice foot forward, you will win every time. But that doesn’t mean step has to be taken right away. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it comes back to you when you need it . You just have to make sure your part was fair enough and satisfactory enough for you and for that it can’t be taken because some deadline tells you that”

    (Too much gyan 🙈🙈…ignore it)

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  6. Smallest thing really matters. The way you talked about good morning wishes … it’s not that of a small thing though…when I was sailing with no network for few days…I felt it’s importance.

    How important a small text notification is…
    How important those little heart emojis are and that too for no reason at all from my little sisters?…

    And when I realised it?… when there was no signal to get those messages to me…and yet they sent it.
    I can’t express how I felt after receiving a back day text ,that too of a day when they knew I won’t be receiving it.
    Texts from family and having a person to talk to about ur all day adventure at the end of the day is a bliss.
    You left me nostalgic!

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  7. Anushka
    First of all what a volcano you have in your teeny tiny head. That too a kind of volcano that erupts to relate with other people.
    Some very basic topic happening with each and every one of us….and yet this stays unspoken.
    You gave words to an unavowed or such a tacit topic.
    Thank you for doing this.(1/4)

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  8. This is so beautiful Anushka.😍
    I really loved your small small observations of little things that one must cherish.
    That we usually use to forget.
    I really liked how you said about, how people talk about their insights in nightfall. It’s true indeed.

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      1. Don’t be formal haan! I’ve taken time to come to you just to know ho you actually are. If you’re saying you’re okay then I know I can trust you.

        I’m doing good. On a regular place right now. I miss you and so do Rashmi. You’re just amazing. Always remember that.

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  9. Very beautiful Anushkiiii
    A good life is collection of happy moments 😊 Little thing matters alot in real life And the fact is there is no happy life ,there are only happy days . Happy Life is all about understanding and feeling what a good life is …. sometimes we just find happiness in looks, wealth and money ….but at one time we realise that we are still not happy ,so we should be happy about small moments in life ….
    From this post you have shown the deep reality of life ,what is real happiness in life
    Thanku Anushkiiii ,I’m very inspired to read your post
    You always bring such a post which is very good to read ,I feel happy inside

    Just be happy forever dear 😘

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    1. Thank you so much Sweta 💙💙
      And you know that, in those little things, you are my biggest part. I love you more than you know.

      After reading this, I felt you. Right beside me, talking. I really want to meet you soon. I am craving for that hug. You know very well, where my real happiness is. Infact you know me, better than I know myself and you inspire me everyday with your words, with your love, with everything you are.
      I miss you and I love you too…!!💕

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  10. I don’t know what happened I commented 2nd😢😢
    But anyways I just loved it sooooooooooo much and the way u wrote this is from the heart and anything that is written from the heart is always heartfelt. I am sure everyone is going to live this one. The way u wrote it just show how pure your soul is. I had tears in my eyes while reading these lines a goodnight kiss from mother…..And a protective arm of father. No offence but for me this is your best post among all of those I have read, it is just beautiful….💞❤️

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    1. Thank you so much💙💙
      I am really sorry for this again..!!

      I can feel this, through your comment how much you have liked this.
      I’ll just say, your comment made my morning..✨💕

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  11. Anushka, you are sweetheart, accept a warm hug that I am sending from distance 🤗

    Now this is something out of the box. Something I can totally relate to. Well anything that you write in one or the other way comes from your heart and as said our hearts are alike. So it’s pretty much a same feeling.
    The things you have mentioned here are all so real, I mean I could imagine how much morning and night next mean from that one special person, how much we love the music when wind caresses us and many more such things.
    It was a bunch full of good things, little things that we fail to see.
    Now you know what people like us, souls like us, don’t forget to Cherish these small things. We derive pleasure out of it.

    When you said I don’t need to fix it because I am sensitive, because there are people who will comfort me, I felt everything and I am always there to be for you.
    Not just me, but I know how much Sumit too praises your work and how much both of us love you and we know that the feeling is mutual. It’s beautiful ♥️

    The whole post in all is wonderful and yaa I did see that coming when you said a friend of yours says it will come naturally..I love you Anushka ♥️
    We are here for each other at all times, cherishing each other like the little things in life…

    Lots and lots of love and warm wishes to my Bff ♥️ I am so proud of you 🤗🤗

    See you around ✨

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    1. Rashmi, I don’t know how should I express this…but I am smiling wide and wide after reading this. Virtual hugs to you too💙

      You could relate to this, what can be more statisfying to me than this.
      You know what, while writing this, I had relived those moments and as you said, souls like us don’t forget to cherish these small things, I guess…this is what you call the beauty of writing. It can make you write anything.

      I know you are always here to comfort me, just like you did last evening. I was touched Rashmi and see you have catched those lines, where I have written about that special person.When you said to me…Anushka, don’t stress yourself, it will come naturally, there was a part of me that got unburdened somewhere, by those lines. So, thank you Rashmi.
      I am loving you more everyday💙💙
      Take care.
      I am always around ✨


      1. What better could I do than to unburden my bff🤗

        I love you and you’ll always find me around.
        There might be times when I don’t revert back on time, but that doesn’t mean I am not there.
        I am always there for you.

        And I love you to the core♥️
        See you around ✨

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  12. Oh my God! Someone just spoke about the truth. We need to understand it’s not always the big things like money, fame, or applauds which we want. They’re there in the day lights, its the little things like a hug from someone, a good morning or good night of someone, a few good words on your one of the qualities from someone, a comment on the post from someone to make your day and there are many more instances.

    We forget that what we want is care, love and someone who makes us beautiful not for how we look but how do we behave, and I could clearly read your heart.

    As Rashmi and I are your closest, we need to make one thing very clear that we’re there for whenever you need. And more than that, we are always there even when you don’t want. And you know how much I love you, and we love you. ☺

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    1. So, you are here, and someone just understood, what was really in my mind while writing this. I don’t how, how you actually catch those specific words, from my brain. You made me smile.

      The comment thing that you mentioned in here Sumit and especially when it comes from those people, of whom you wait to see your blog, and then suddenly their comment notification pops, that’s called happiness. This is really one of those little things, that I cherish everyday.

      I know you and Rashmi, are always here for me, whenever I’ll need you both and I reciprocate the same, and why would I not need you both?
      Take that statement back right away .!!
      Much love to you..💙


  13. Beautiful words, Anushka.. ❤ 😊

    Well, life is not only about such little things, but such little things do carry small packets of relief or enjoyment..!!
    Biggies and little things are both important in their own places and both are necessary. Think of their arrangement as cogwheels in a car. You need the larger gears as well as the miniature ones.. 😊😊

    You have well explained your point.. Liked reading it.. ❤
    Keep smiling and enjoy both the Biggies and the smaller things of life.. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Abir for all your feedback and love.
      You never fail to show me the other side of things…💙
      And yes…the larger gears are too important with the miniature ones.
      I agree sir..!!
      But, the real happiness lies in living those small small moments, just like…while reading your comment, I am feeling that happiness.
      Thank you once again.
      Have a great day ahead Abir😊
      Take care.

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      1. Well, the definition of happiness is different for different people, right?
        And that is one of the factors differentiating us from robots.. 😉
        Thank you Madam for your kind words.. ❤
        Glad that you feel happy to read my comments, and the feeling is mutual.. 😊😊
        Take Care and have a great day Anushka.. 😊

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      2. Well, I am so elated to hear that.. 😊 ❤
        Allow me then to get some of those pleasures by reading your expert opinions on the posts which seek your visit.. 😉 😊🙈

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  14. Very nicely written. Enjoyed this! Especially your observation about how people talk about outer life during the day and their feelings and inner self during night with candle light, fire, moonlight or stars. May be it is because in the darkness our senese tend to move inwards which are usually distracted in the daylight.
    Little things are very important indeed! 🙂

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    1. Yes..😊
      You pointed the most apt thing Sarthak. If I talk about myself, nightfall is the time, when I just look at my inner sights, self analyze my day which is usually not possible in day time.
      Thank you for reading.

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  15. I didn’t pay attention to notifications.. hehe! Is this a speech you wrote for graduation? I mean, this is perfect. So perfect that it made me smile. Emotional, sensible and give you a sense of hope and belonging. I don’t know how to describe how I felt but that’s the beauty of it.
    Your post took my words away from me.

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      1. Sombre?? I’m a cheerful guy. (Most of the time) I was blown away by a gust of words which has me space bound but I’m coming back. I may hit the ground soon.
        Brace yourself. 😎
        (You have to have a laugh at me no matter what, eh?)

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      2. And rest of the time? ( It’s for that😉)

        I am waiting, but you are still in the air…!!

        ( I am laughing, you can assume that)
        inside story you know😂

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  16. Hi anushka,
    The way u wrote this is from inside your heart and whenever something comes out from there it is amazing and beautiful. The way u depicted your emotions was heartfelt and I am sure that anyone who will read this is sure to love it. This depicts how pure and wonderful of a human being u r especially the lines abt goodnight kiss from mother and protective hand of father brought tears in my eyes. I don’t know if I have the right to say this but I think this is your best peice till now which I have read. Just loved it.
    Hope u have a good day ahead💕💕💞💞

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    1. Thank you so much💙💙
      First of all, I am really sorry for replying you so late..!!
      But, your comment made my morning. I guess, it was meant to be read in the morning and you said this right…when things come from heart, it demands to be felt. The person who is reading and feeling this, is itself such a wonderful person. You got tears, because you you have relived those moments while reading this. I am glad, you liked this much. I don’t know, how should I thank you for this. If you say, this is my best till now…then, it can be.😊
      Thank you so much.!!
      You too, have a great day …✨
      Much love to you.

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      1. My pleasure and as I said no issue, currently I am plastering a huge smile on my face cause u read it yah!!!!!(p.s. sorry for being childish though I am not😂😊)
        It is such a wonderful thing u said that it made ur morning and I am glad it did.
        Thank u so much for warm gestures and compliment.
        Yah!! That’s true I relived those and due to this lockdown I can experience them also!!
        My best wishes and regards to u filled with warm feelings😊😊💕💕

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  17. Hey Anushka truly felt emotions, that’s how you come up with… yes, you bloomed with reading…the lines-

    You can write for hours and hours for all the things you wish you could be, you feel. But, there are times, you can’t even hold a pen, to write something, just because you don’t even feel and then there comes a person who reminds you the statement that you once said to them
    So true, 👌

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