The Angel at my side- My Lifeline💙

To my Guardian angel,
on her special day,
I am writing you this…
Since, there’s something I would like to say.

There are Angels, that God put on this Earth.
Those Angels,
simultaneously give you wings and will make you firm.
You will feel their love and gentleness,
as they will walk with you through life to make you affirm.

So, mumma
This is for everytime, I forget to say..
“Thank you”

When it came to speaking,
You taught me through, thought and patience.
When it came to listening,
You taught me to listen, by opening my heart in silence.

You touch my hand,
You caress my hair,
You take off my specs,
I reveal my fears.
You kiss my forehead,
You kiss my eyes,
You look at me,
I see your eyes.
You tuck me into bed so tight,
That is how you say me goodnight.

You are such a precious gift to me,
That I’ll cherish all my life.
You are one who keep me warm, in the chilly winter nights.
So,Thank you Maa,
for everything…
You are an Angel at my side.
I believe in love at first sight,
when I saw you,
No words I write and hugs I give,
would ever suffice
The love that I have for you.

What way is there to thank you, for your tender heart, your sweat, your tears?
You are the one to whom,
I owe my life.
Who made all such sacrifices, so that I can reach at heights.

So, mumma…
Keep holding my hand everyday,
So that, I can go out
and face the big world one day.

Keep wiping my tears,
when I am feeling sad,
Let me know that,
It’s okay to feel bad.

Keep cheering me up,
When I am feeling blue.
Just hug me once,
with a kind words from you.

Keep showing me the light,
and set me free,
So that I can be a person,
That you want me to be.

With love-
Your most annoying daughter🙈

I love you Maa, not just today but, every day.
And it’s growing by each passing second 💙✨

Happy reading 😊
Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers.💕

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Learning new everyday..!!

104 thoughts on “The Angel at my side- My Lifeline💙

    1. Hey Rashmi😃
      How you doing bff?💓
      I read your post…it’s damn beautiful…
      But I am not able to post comment on it….I have password protected it..
      I hope you are fine.
      I told Sumit…to tell you.


      1. No I did not have a word with Sumit since I commented on his blog, so I don’t really know about it.

        The thing is I wrote it last night, then I told Sumit about it.. it wasn’t in my plan to publish the same…
        He told me he wants to see it. So I said him okay I’ll do it for you and Anushka. I thought it was night already and you might have slept by then. That’s why I did not reach you

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah…may be..
        But, your post was touching Rashmi…I really loved it. And I had to say a lot regarding it…that I wrote in comment, but it didn’t get posted.
        So, I asked Sumit.
        Since, none of your post were accepting comments.
        Getting to know…that you are fine. It’s more than satisfying to me.
        You take care bff..
        Love you.
        See you around ✨


      3. I am fine Anushka, I will open it for you to comment. Sumit also said the same, he couldn’t comment.
        But you know it wasn’t for everyone I did it for you two only…

        You too take care
        Love you ♥️

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  1. For me every imagination of mom gets from

    “makhan nahi khayo sunkar jo vo khilkar hasti hai,
    Bacche ke hi sath to , ma bhi paida hoti hai.”

    to the moment I was leaving home to go to college…better described as-

    “Mom finally paid the college Fee The son was excited about new college.

    What he failed to notice was The missing gold bangles in Mom’s hand…”

    Love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 💙💙
      And your mum is proud of you.
      Whatever she did…is now fruitful.
      That’s how mothers are, they will do everything to get back that pretty smile…and your dream is her dream too..✨

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  2. Lines reminds me of the actual moment lived and real images of you getting tucked in bed by mom…specs going off(infact cheeks pulled too) and the forehead kissed .
    Everything is so beautifully explained.
    You are getting way better in every post of yours
    Like you said you are loving mom more every passing second .
    Great work!(2/3)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anushka,
    You left me in tears with the detailing,
    With the episodes you chose to show here made me go back in time and live every moment again… exactly how it’s described here.
    Knowing that it’s been ages I haven’t seen ma I was feeling kinda empty today. But this saved me…filled me up.(1/3)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes…I do..I do🧡
        That’s good to know…that you are smiling ✨
        Rashmi…what if I say…I am getting those positive vibes from you..💙
        Infact this .. evening..I talked to Sumit as well..he told me..that he talked to you..and you are doing good.
        That made me happy 💙



    Wow, Anushka. I was astonished to see this coming from you after last night, it seemed like an actual new day with mum’s blessings.

    This is purely a beautiful gesture to showcase your love for the mother. She is indeed a sweetheart mother of gorgeous Anushka. A gem by heart.

    Few of the most beautiful lines I loved were:

    “You touch my hand,
    You caress my hair,
    You take off my specs,
    I reveal my fears.
    You kiss my forehead,
    You kiss my eyes,
    You look at me,
    I see your eyes.
    You tuck me into bed so tight,
    That is how you say me goodnight.”

    This made me emotional.
    Please wish her from my side too,
    and lots of love to you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Heya…Sumit🤗
      You good?
      Thank you so much..
      Yeah…I wrote it in the morning itself.

      What you liked…I like it too🙈
      And don’t get emotional Sumit 💙
      Your mum is always here for you. She is proud of you.
      and we…
      You will always find us around.
      Take care Sumit.
      And I’ll wish her💙
      Much love to you too✨


      1. Hi Anushka! I just reverted to Rashmi and I missed you too. And guess what, here you are!

        Thank you so much for the love.☺

        As discussed, I wanted to take a break from things so I started watching Mahabharata on Hotstar and completed a book which I’ll be summarizing in the upcoming blog.

        What all did you do today?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same here Sumit.. I was too planning to take a break, like I told you and Rashmi.
        Mahabharat 😃..that old one…which was telecasted on dd bharti…I am still watching it😅

        Well…I read a book too…and I am in it’s mid.. helped mumma…spent time with my grandparents.
        And now..I am here… talking to you😊


      3. Yes! Yeah, I was about to start that only only, but someone suggested to watch the new Star Plus one (2013) on Hotstar and I’m amazed to look at the history we have being Hindus.

        And you made me happy when you said helped mum and spent time with your grandparents. This is one of the great things to cherish in life. People who don’t have can understand how it feels to not have anyone of them around. You’re blessed and I wish you have best of the times with them. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah…I have seen that too…star plus one…it’s really good.
        Even, I have watched Ramayan in this quarantine.

        You know what Sumit. I haven’t spent this much time with my grandparents before. Now, I am at home…I just want to make the most of it…
        And don’t get disheartened Sumit please….your grandparents..must be watching you..and they are proud of you🧡
        We are always here…you know na..!!


  5. I hope you are fine BFF ❤️
    Well this post shows you are.
    I was waiting for it really.

    And you know nothing could be more beautiful than this. I loved each and every line..
    From taking out specs to kissing your forehead to caressing your hair. I feel your mom in this poetry.
    I see her doing it all for her wonderful daughter and my bff ♥️.

    You have justified each and every thing in this. How unique are you as a daughter and how lovely is your mother.
    Wish her on my part.
    A very happy mother’s day to mother of a beautiful soul.

    Keep holding my hands, keep wiping my tears
    You were speaking to her with this poem Anushka.
    And you know I tilt towards people who love their mumma with all their hearts. And here you are showing how much you love her.

    I cannot pick lines because I found it all beautiful, it all came from within.
    You ended it with Rumi’s quote. Beautiful 😍❣️

    Just beautiful ❤️
    I loved it to the core✨✨

    I love you too♥️
    See you around ✨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Rashmi 💙

      You made my day by saying so.
      Happy mother’s day to Aunty too 💕
      You know, what while writing this ..
      I was actually feeling those moments…
      And I am not unique…it is her..who does all…
      and whatever I do or say…will never do justice…to what she has done for me.
      And Rumi…I really like his quotes.
      High five again bff🖐️
      And thank you so much for being here❤️
      I love you
      And I am always around ✨


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