Faceless feeling👤

Somewhere amidst the smoke,
You will find a soul,
Which is solitary and faceless,
And yet so elusive.

You see;
A sweet little face,
Trying to whisper,
Breathing in air, side by side,
Waiting for a breeze that never arrived.

All forced her to smile,
To hide back, the dull ache.
Slowly at first,
But then, it became a natural thing,
With a conflict like a storm raging inside.

She had known pain,
By hiding her sadness in a plain sight.
Her spirit refused to be wooed,
For she recognised an actual connection was truly a rarity.

Sometimes, the soul struggles within
Affected and bothered by the hurts of unknown.
And sometimes, this soul swings around,
Aimless, Clueless.

Even at your friendliest,
There is a part of the soul untouched.
Holding you back,
When a part of you becomes a stranger.
Such a faceless feeling, isn’t?


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Learning new everyday..!!

96 thoughts on “Faceless feeling👤

    1. Good morning Rashmi..

      I just saw your comment on your post….I was about to reply…and see..I got you here.
      I am fine.. thank you so much for asking.
      I hope you are absolutely good too…💙
      Beautiful day to you too Rashmi✨
      Keep smiling.
      I love you💕


  1. Great post..!!
    You have expressed well the manifestations of inner turmoils which a seemingly happy or indifferent person might go through.. 😊😊 The first stanza however made me think that this is going in the direction of a horror story, which I believe would be completely new to you.. 😅
    Keep writing Anushka.. Well done.. 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Horror story😅
      This is something new I have heard…it’s good🤭

      Thank you so much Abir…for reading and for sharing your feedback 🤗💕
      This means a lot.

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  2. We all have fallen,

    Wanting to address the swollen,
    Wanted to tell how it felt,
    But guess what, we never know
    Because no one ever dealt.

    Knowing the fact, let’s not get distract,
    Time to face the feeling,
    This might as well be the right kinda healing.

    Let’s address , because that’s the actual stress.
    Let’s brought it to light,
    one of them is a feelings of girl Walking through,
    a road full of perverts in the broad day light.

    Let’s remove the caveat ,
    of not being able to have chai- biscuit on a date.

    Let’s say it bothers,
    When your BFF gets too friendly to others.

    Let’s say how you felt,
    When you saw your ice-cream melt.

    Let’s figure , because I know you never would,
    What you felt, when someone was judging
    the very first thing you ever cooked.

    Let’s speak that we aren’t weak,
    Because we managed to have gut,
    To face the video call we always wanted to cut.

    Wow ! So many things haan…
    Guess what not yet over,
    Coz I read books that I already judged by its cover.

    Let’s address the feelings , felt right before
    Uninstalling dating app bundle,
    And moving on to kindle.

    Let’s not feel insult,
    That we lack the confidence to accept
    The fact That we failed,
    Before the result.

    These are things my head brought,
    Coz what better place than



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    1. You never leave any stone unturned, to praise me for my work. And this?
      I don’t know…how should I react to this. I am overwhelmed.
      This time…I am failing to tell you, how much I love this, that I am going to save and cherish this, for the rest of my life💙
      You are amazing, so as your feelings behind this poem.
      So, Vishaltripathi ❤️you are unbelievable.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Ok so I am gonna take this poem as breaking the ice kind of moment… let’s address those faceless feelings
    Obviously not the right depiction of your thought.
    ..can never do what you did here.

    “Let’s give some of them a face”…(2/3)

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  4. First of all such an intelligent piece of work this is. your thoughts behind this triggered so many thoughts in my head.
    Couldn’t count how many times I read it.
    Great work anushka!
    Couldn’t really figure out how deep it is…but I love it.
    Thank you for writing this.(1/3)

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow Anushka.
    Kudos for the ending ✨
    Now let’s begin-
    I connected completely but there was a line which hit me right where it should have.
    It said
    “For she recognized that actual connection is a rarity”
    Whatever was your backend thought associated with this poem, when I connected it to my level. It made me see two faces in front of me.. and you know I am talking about whom…
    It is so rare, it never happened before.

    The third stanza becomes my favorite. I don’t know but I connected to each line, each word in that….

    And the ending of of course ✨
    This poem has my heart 💓

    It is beautiful and can be read for a lot of times.
    Good work bff💛💛
    Sending you love ❤️♥️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. So, you are here now.
      I was desperately waiting for your comment Rashmi 🙈
      I know, of whom you are talking about💙
      Those rare connections are really hard to find and when you have them, it’s nothing you crave for then.

      Thank you for liking it so much 💕
      Sending you love and hugs🤗💕


      1. I know I am very late today. I don’t know where I was all this while.
        Anyways the poem was really beautiful and relatable.

        I loved it really.
        You know what Anushka I was talking to one of my colleague and I was talking about you. She asked me are you talking about the one who calls you Bonbon. And I was like Yes and she said she’s very sweet. See people know you without knowing you actually.

        Everyone gets good vibes from you. So are love dear one♥️♥️
        I am so proud to have you♥️♥️
        Keep smiling

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh my God Rashmi🙈
        I am blushing 😅…
        Thank you so much Rashmi…for the love that you have for me, I don’t know..how should I thank you…for having me in your life. I am so glad.
        And I get good and loving vibes from you…that makes my day💙
        Keep smiling Bonbon💕


  6. Absolutely. It is.

    Reading your words give me so much peace. The way you depict each sentence hit right where it should be..

    When you say there are people who wants you to smile even without your the pain behind. Anushka, how deep are you?

    The soul connection is what I feel when I read your words. It’s beyond physicality of two individuals. It’s only a soul connection that makes the difference.

    You’re truly deep. And I love to have you here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sumit 💛
      And the lines that you have mentioned, it’s not deep..it’s a feeling derived from past experiences.

      And I am so gratified, that you liked it this much.
      Thank you for always motivating, Sumit 💙
      I am happy to have you here.


      1. Even if I try to not put my mind into that, you always make me do it more and more. As if ignoring your words would be an injustice to me. To you.

        Hence I never take that chance. I’ve read your earlier once and now these, all I can say is that you’re growing rapidly. Keep this passion up, Anushka. Much love.


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