Who will ever tell?🍂

I see, turn and walk away,

An understanding smile escapes me, deep breath and wide smile.

I wonder in silent amusement,

Homegeneity, belonging?

Or a certain loss of individuality?

When my world was at risk,

You made me sit with finger on my lips.

I want to stand and say straightway,

But there was a cost that I had to pay.

There was an unheard voice pleading to get heard,

Lots of chaos, fighting so hard but there was no reward.

An overwhelming of the self, with inner struggles and private conflicts,

With silent victories, unvoiced expectations, and quiet disappointments.

Many things said, even more left unsaid,

No one truly knows, so who can ever tell?


The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intention💙 – Robin Sharma

Within every difficult emotion, there is a lesson-

An opportunity for awakening, practice and resilience. It will give you perspective and will teach you compassion. And when you start feeling things deeply, you know a lot about yourself. And when you know about yourself, you know life. Start taking responsibility of your life. Great blessings are headed to your ways. Take care of yourself first💞

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Learning new everyday..!!

61 thoughts on “Who will ever tell?🍂

      1. Seriously…

        I just love WordPress alot…💙

        And more because of friends I have made here…💕
        Seems…here we understand each other alot… without a fear of being judged for whatever we write and feel.
        And people connect so well❤️


      2. Absolutely. This is one of the reasons, I never gave up on blogging. Even after working for 12 hours a day in a city like Mumbai, I could take out time for my words. And look, it’s all worth it after years of hard work.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Very true Sumit 😊
        After working all day studying…

        This is the best thing I do…to relax myself and follow my passion for writing. This makes me happy in a good way..💙
        And I love this feeling…
        I have started blogging 8 months back…and this is the best thing I chosed…


    1. Mam….Your comment made me smile…😊😊
      This means a lot..♥️

      Mam as you know na… everything happens for a reason…🤗
      And I met you here…was in my destiny…I am so glad to get to know you and learn more from you.💙

      Thank you for reading my blog🤗💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. सुंदर लेखनी हमेशा प्रशंसनीय होती हैं। आपकी लेखनी बेहद मनमोहक है, इनका हिंदी रूपांतरण मुझे खूब भाता है। लिखते रहिये🙏

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thoughts overflowing in my head but just don’t feel myself good enough to express it.
    The priority you talked about should simply be understood …that when it comes to priority …one doesn’t make it to top of their own list, because when it comes to priorities making urself first priority shouldn’t be a choice…a compulsion.. absolute compulsion.

    This poem makes me imagine before and after effects of not doing it.
    Adn yet makes me imagine before and after effects of doing it.

    Great work!(2/2)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Anushka
    I have alot to say since this beautiful poem connects so well and you crafted it with genuine words it deserved.
    You made me read this over and over quite a few times.
    Thank you for introducing us to this side of yours , great to know you can craft a poem too.(1/2)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. really deep Anushka ji, life really has a lot of conflicts. No one knows one’s struggles better than him, we always crave for the things that we feel like lost long ago.. yet life continues to give hurdles, I hope for the better, to make us strong, that hope still resides that lifts up the mood mostly, best of luck. ❣️🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very true Rishabh….
      But the craving of lost things…are of no importance now…
      Instead of trying to be optimistic in every situation..we must learn be a great believer of hope …… because it is the only thing that is stronger than all sort of fears.💙

      Liked by 1 person

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