Stop bargaining..!!

So, basically we are the safest and the most prosperous humans in the history of world, yet we are feeling more hopeless than ever before.

Do you know why?

Are we expecting more from people around us, or may be we are becoming greedy or just human temptations?

The better the world gets, there is more we have to lose I guess. And the more we have to lose, the less we feel we have to feel for.

Eventually, though, the most important things in life can’t be gained through bargaining. Bargaining with people around you into loving or respecting you feels shitty, isn’t?

If you have to convince someone to love you, then they don’t love you. If you want someone to be respecting you, then they will never respect you. If you have to convince someone to trust you, then they won’t be actually trusting you. ( Rightly said by MARK MANSON )

You can’t conspire for happiness. People who navigate life through bargaining might get far in the material world, but they will always remain crippled in their emotional world. As long as you look for someone to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are settling yourself for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. You have to know who you are. And anytime if they try to make you feel unworthy. Stop bargaining for approval, trust and importance. Just go towards yourself, choose to love yourself more instead of expecting them to love you and try building an unshakable bond with your worth that there’s just nothing they can ever do to take you away from it.

It is rightly said;

sometimes the universe will remove or withhold, not to hurt you, but to free you or save you from what doesn’t lead you home.

So, take time

To cleanse

To heal

To renew

To grow

To become.

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30 thoughts on “Stop bargaining..!!

  1. Well, we bargain for purely transactional reasons. Relationships, Trust or friendships aren’t inherently transactional. If the need for exchange or transaction creeps in, then perhaps the relationship no longer remains a relationship.
    Secondly, though the human race may outwardly seem prosperous, but actually the case is not exactly so. The income has increased, so have the expenses. And so have the efforts needed to justify the income. You must have heard of “urban poor”. That quite debunks the myth of “prosperity”.
    Thirdly, you can conspire to be happy. It’s just that you have to work hard for that happiness. Happiness is achieved, not validated by someone else. Other people’s validation is not happiness.
    Thank you for sharing yet another interesting and thought provoking article.. 😊

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    1. Oh my God Abirbhav…🤗

      You are such an amazing person, you have such an amazing insight on things…

      Your comment has bought a smile on my face…😊💙

      Thank you so much for sharing your time in reading my blogs…
      It means a lot to me.💙

      So nice to meet you❤️

      Take care…😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Anushka for such a glowing praise, though I didn’t say anything out of the box.. 😉
        This is pure logic, something you yourself and many others knew beforehand.. 😊🤗
        But glad that you found a reason to smile because of what I said.. ❤
        Thank you for finding my blog.. Nice to meet you and the pleasure is mine.. ❤ 😊
        Hope to read more from you and hope to have your expert opinions on my posts as well.. 😊
        Take Care..!!


  2. “If you want someone to be respecting you, then they will never respect you.” Totally agree. In India we are in the habit of demanding respect by saying, “badon ki izzat karni chahiye” or some similar inanity. I think it will only get physical compliance, not emotional. If the elder is respect worthy, he will get it without asking.

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    1. Definitely sir. I agree with you. We get to learn a lot from life, people around us. What we need is to learn to differentiate the type of emotions we are receiving and we need to give.

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  3. Commendable work!! Life is exceedingly difficult and unpredictable. So, we really need to differentiate the type of emotions we are receiving.
    Keep up the good work…..

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  4. Really informative!
    I am sure anyone who reads this will know what’s right about the love which u get …

    The right love which you never have to ask for but you get unconditionally and you don’t have to pretend to be something or someone to be worthy of that.

    Love that comes with a bill due…is the right love.

    Loving your work!!

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