Pay Attention ‼️

World is fighting against Corona, what least we can do is protect and support each other. When the world is feeling as though it’s falling apart, pay attention friends!

Pay attention to the people willing to give, and not take, listen to the ones offering others a safe place, listens to ones who are crying out in help specially the poors who are still not aware of about what’s going on in the world, help them… at least a one. Be selfless when everyone is being selfish, you need to pay attention my dear friends. Be a hope in a time of fear, help people, educate them, tell them, make them aware of what’s going on. Today I saw a women with her four month child walking bare footed in street asking for food n help….how would she know that she is supposed to be in a house today ( Janta curfew), but she has no home….now what? Help them friends ….tell them…I know it’s a time to protect your self first….but there is a word that sounds like “humanity”…what about that? I saw people not opening doors…or scolding her not to sit outside her doorstep, this is so inhuman! When she came at mine step…at that point I didn’t knew how to react ….should I hug her ….or should I ask her to stand away… She sat down with tears of hope and helplessness in her eyes …I offered her a meal…I was not able to understand…how should I made her aware that she should not be walking in streets like this….after eating she just rubbed her hands from the loose end of her torn saree….what? We are asked to wash hands after every 20mins….what abt them? Then she touched her child’s face …kissed her….she asked me…that if she could sit here for a while….as she wanted to feed her child…( No….u were not supposed to touch your child like this, without washing hands).

Guys! Who will educate them?

I felt like a dumpster. Damn! what the hell I was doing? This is what I was contributing to my society? I asked her to stand…I gave her water and a new soap…I asked her to wash her hands first….and clean her child’s face with a water n a fresh cloth. I said no…u are not allowed to walk bare footed in streets like this…. today’s Janta curfew don’t you know? She was looking at me…like I was talking all shit…and it’s of no use to her. I tried explaining her all what’s going on in the world, I asked her to take certain measures and avoid walking in streets like this…and what she said left me dumbstruck!!

She said..” didi, Kya farak padta hai? Hamari gareebi hi hmare liye virus hai. Aj tak Ladd re isse aage b Ladd lenge…hme batane koi naii aata…sab bss paise walo k liye hai…hme kisi ne sabun ne diya …hm khareed bhi naii skte! Ab kaise bachae khud ko is virus se jab gareebi se naii bachaa skte?”

This is the repercussion we will face later of not awaring our people who are at no fault. We are Awaring people around us…who will aware them? Awaring only your society and leaving these people will benefit you till when?

So guys….pay attention to everyone around you. Your actions and selfness will change how you view others.

So please cooperate, co-live and help each other at least by awaring.

Celebrate the effort of those people who are helping the Corona sufferers, let’s thank our essential service providers, medical professionals, para medical staffs, transport service providers, police and to all those who are risking their life so that we stay safe.

This is for you, your family, your streets, your city, your state, your mother India, your World.

Let’s pledge to fight together for our🌍 World now not against the world.

Humanity should win this fight 🙏

#Stay home🏠

#Be safe🍁

#Aware people👨‍🦰

This is least we can do…

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Learning new everyday..!!

6 thoughts on “Pay Attention ‼️

  1. Absolutely important thing that you pointed out..
    In a country where for a pandemic like this is getting sold…
    Even the bloody media asking about “will you a lock down?” …instead of asking ” will I get a test if I want a test?”…
    No body cares
    What you did is basic and important yet not so basic… because no body is thinking this way anymore.
    Your actions touched me.
    You earned respect…not that it really matters…but what you did is the only that matters now.
    Keep the good work and word coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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