You can have your shit together n then smthng happens that knocks u off course. Sometimes u need to fall in order for a new, better you to emerge. At anytime u can recommit to your growth. Pause for a moment n take it all that life has taught u. You’ve loved n lost your love one, you’ve overcome heartbreak even when u felt like your world was falling apart, you have losed so many opportunities that could have shaped n exceled your path, but u still had the courage to keep going even when the pain was unbearable.In some way your past has shaped u into who u r now. Someone may have hurt u, events that changed your path, feelings and thoughts on which u have no control…these can all affect u on a subconscious level. But, they don’t have to…u can heal from here. You can forgive yourself, just try to accept unspoken apologies…not because they need it, but you do. You deserve to heal from here. You deserve to no longer feel controlled by the past. So, it’s ok to sit n cry…your breakdowns will be worth it, but for now take those deep breaths, order in, n never forget to take care of yourself along the way, you are important n u need not to prove this to anyone.

My mother says…time heals all wound, it’s really that u gain experience in dealing with the pain. I don’t know if it ever goes away but u will definitely learn how to be strong despite it one day.

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