Lost or found?🍁📖

From the still steaming coffee…. A book in her hand…. As she casually reads.

A catch in her breath….
As the climax grows near…. She’s deaf to the world. The book is all she can hear.

She’s completely lost now….or perhaps she is found. In this strange paper world…. That’s far from the ground.

Published by Anushk@

Learning new everyday..!!

5 thoughts on “Lost or found?🍁📖

  1. I feel the same when I read an engrossing novel or a chapter..!! The outside world is just zoned out and I become almost completely unaware of my surroundings!
    It’s said that words can move mountains. Not sure of the mountain part, but allure of words in something engrossing or interesting can move me..!!
    Good read Anushka.. 😊😘 Thank you for sharing..!! 😊

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