Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.

Sometimes letting go is the act of far greater power than defending or hanging on. When your world moves too fast n u loose yourself in chaos, donot get upset with people or situations, both r powerless without your reaction. The most valuable thing I learned is that to appreciate where u r in ur journey, even if it is not where u want to be. Every season serves a purpose. It may not be the life u imagined, but it’s yours. Do whatever the hell it takes u to make feel real again. The deepest feeling alwz shows itself in silence.

Whatever is going on- it’s ok! It’s ok if u r confused, if u r hurt. If u don’t even know who u r n what u r doing. It’s ok to be lost sometimes, it helps u to find yourself deep inside, where u might have locked yourself intentionally or may b unintentionally. Because when u look back it’s not the moments that u felt have lost. It will b thoses moments after, like how u have found yourself, the real you n u hv made it your life’s work. Just Breathe! You will be okay again. Nothing is more beautiful than loving yourself. Nobody but your life will definitely inspire u. It’s just a matter of time…

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