I hope u find acceptance. The kind that rings through your bones, the kind that quiets the voice inside u that tells u that u r not good enough or that u r falling behind. I hope u forgive yourself for the mistakes u have made, for the past u keep alive inside u. I hope u learn to let go of the things u had to do in order to heal or to grow or to survive.I hope u find a kind of moment that takes your breath away. The kind of moment that changes u. I hope u travel to places that cleanses u. I hope u connect to the small things. I hope u surround yourself with those people that encourage your spontaneity that they r alwz there for u. I hope u live more peacefully. I hope u don’t hold back. Their is so much to feel in this world. I hope u feel it all.But most of all, I hope u find yourself out there. I hope u figure out your heart, I hope u figure out your mind. I hope u learn how to be kind to yourself n how to embrace the journey u r on.

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Learning new everyday..!!

3 thoughts on “START OVER👈

  1. The content makes more sense than the title ofcourse to me.
    I hope starting over becomes a bit flexible for whoever it is…I know it’s the hardest part.

    Anushka sahu always bringing the relatable content.

    And in this one…my heart skipped a bit… Totally relatable obviously but every bit of it… that’s insane connection of yours with your readers

    Keep the good work coming

    Liked by 1 person

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