It is ok to b angry at another person, but that hatred is an acid, eroding at our every soul. But u have to forgive yourself first, if u fail at something, or didn’t do smthing u should have done but kept putting it off. When u forgive yourself, u can truly move on.

Self pity is such a destructive emotion. If u need to, give in to it, but only give it power for few minutes. Then lock it back up and move on with your life. You can’t live if u r mired down by this emotion, n what a waste it could b. Nobody wants to struggle, but those challenges bring with them the gift of living. Give in to the pain, let it convey it’s lesson n then ask it to leave.

Accept fate, but determine to make some changes in your life. By doing this, u learn more abt yourself n it gives u the incentive to pursue your dreams. You might need to return to starting line, but use it as n opportunity to run the race in different way. Don’t regret anything when your day ends, but use it to inspire greater things the next day.

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Learning new everyday..!!

2 thoughts on “DecisionsšŸš¶

  1. Read it sooo late…but when I read it today… it’s first thing in the morning that I did…

    And I am telling you this is something I don’t regret doing first thing in the morning.
    I feel kind of motivated in more practical way after reading this.

    Keep bringing the good writings to us

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