Why sometimes life becomes so complicated ? Why the air u breathe in suffocates? Why the expectation hurts u the most? Why people camouflage?

Sometimes your mind contemplate, Why u’r not happy? Why taking decisions are so difficult? Why making choices are so confusing?

What hurts u so much? Is it love or people or your life’s decisions? I guess- losing someone hurts , loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, envy hurts. They say move on! You deserve better! But how I say my heart is there.

I don’t know what’s wrong with feelings, why it’s so hard to explain? Why it’s difficult to say what u’r going through? Why u’r so complicated …… Are u? Or u’r just making it!

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Learning new everyday..!!

12 thoughts on “Unread

  1. The advice of “moving on” is quite easier said than done.
    The void left due to the loss of someone cannot be filled up. Nobody actually moves on. Time hides the pain to some extent, but the pain does attack with a vengeance at a later point of time.
    Coming to rejection. Again, the key to happiness doesn’t lie in someone else’s validation. If an individual doesn’t appreciate or respect you, it’s better to move on and avoid a lingering, long term pain. You deserve better. The better person might be the one starting at you from the mirror.
    Feelings are indeed hard to explain. I try to first calm myself and note the points to logically ascertain the source of such a feeling. Once that is found, the solution becomes quite easy to find. It takes time and effort, but in the end, solutions do exist.
    Good article Anushka.. Nice to read it..!! 🙂

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    1. You have left me speechless…by your words Abir💙

      You are amazing…
      Thank you so much for understanding and sharing your insights on this…it’s really appreciable 😊

      Thank you for reading…💙 and sharing your reviews on it.

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      1. Thank you so much Anushka.. ♥️🤗
        Well, I just threw in a logical outlook.. You yourself knew these deep down.. ☺️
        It’s a pleasure reading your posts.. ☺️ Take Care..!!

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  2. Harshness of the life making u stronger day by day.
    Not letting go of someone or something is what the hurdle in between.
    There is a saying in hindi…which I believe is the best statement that helps through all these situations … (आसन किसके लिए है?…) (3/3)

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  3. All can relate to it for sure.
    As of I think decision making gets a bit easier if we are ready to face the consequences of the decision going wrong.

    We should make our mind ready for the rejection… right from the start …or at least try to.

    Never a easy process…but what’s difficult if there is even a single person in the world have tried it successfully.(2/3)


  4. Ok so the little blogger with the beautiful thoughts is back… awesome.
    Though I am late to read this one…but Was waiting for the new blogg.
    Here it is … another sense of reality.(1/3)


  5. Lets be a optimistic and learn from the beauty of pain because once Robert Frost quoted life beautifully in three words “It goes on”.😇 ❤


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