You can’t skip chapters n that’s how life works…I guess! You have to read every line, meet every character. You won’t enjoy all of it. Hell, some chapters will make u cry for a week, months or years…. You will read things u don’t want to read, you’ll hv some moments when u don’t want the pages to end….but u hv to keep going. Stories keep the world revolving. Live yours!

You just can’t force something to be more than what it should. Sometimes people we love can’t comprehend what v feel n there will b times you’ll hv to walk away from the persons whom you’d do anything for. It’s not giving up! It’s simply survival…

You’ll end up surprising yourself, you know. Like how strong u r and how much your heart can grow. One minute u’r in the pieces and broken on the floor n the next u r putting on your shoes n heading out of the door.

You r so strong. For everytime u felt like giving up n decided to keep going. For everytime u cried your eyes out n decided to wipe your tears to smile again. For every step back, u took two steps forward. From all your mistakes that u decided to learn from. You are strong!

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Learning new everyday..!!

2 thoughts on “Inside_out👤

  1. Every End of the day only thing that matters is …did you try to get the pieces back to one wholesome to get yourself going for facing the next impact that’s gonna blow you in pieces.
    The “getting back to one ” process matters.

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