May b smtimes we’r delicate n unsure n we don’t know what we’re ready to want…. So all that we’r really looking for are people with good intentions towards us….

Hoping for gentle in unknown…..

Sometimes ur heart needs more time to accept what ur mind already knows…………. Feeling unsure n lost is part of ur path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings r showing u n use it…….Take a breath…….

You’ll b okay. Even if u don’t feel okay all the time….

People who repeatedly attack u’r confidence n self esteem r quite aware of ur potential, even if u r not..!!

Sometimes u’r standing on a line between giving up n seeing how much more u can take it….

But at the end it will make u a better person…. So, sometimes it’s good to b unsure..!!

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Learning new everyday..!!

5 thoughts on “Unsure

  1. Good post once again Anushka.. 😊 A couple of points though:
    1. One should not give up ever for his/her own betterment, which is absolutely correct.
    2. “we’r really looking for are people with good intentions towards us” – Maybe you are right. How about make this time bound or event bound? If one possesses good intentions, he will act reasonably during the moment of crisis or will help you out. Indefinitely waiting for that positive change to happen in someone is foolishness.
    3. “People who repeatedly attack u’r confidence n self esteem r quite aware of ur potential” – who cares? There is a difference between tolerating nonsense and not giving up. Don’t tolerate nonsense ever.
    4. Facing the uncertain requires courage. Don’t lose it. And yes, defying nonsense also requires courage. Don’t be bullied. You are capable of achieving great heights if you work hard towards achieving those.
    Nice short article again Anushka. Liked it.. 😊

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    1. After seeing your such a long comment…you made me read my article once again…I wrote it in last August..

      Thank you so much Abirbhav ❤️ for you time in reading my article and most importantly in giving your feedbacks…I am really obliged by such a gesture of yours😊

      And the point 2 that you have mentioned…is very true . Sometimes life hits u so hard, that u got to realize who are really your people with good intentions towards you.
      And about point 3 …it was something really … personal.
      That line that I have mentioned in here…is what I have actually gone through in my life….and that person was my granny. She has always been idol. I lost her last year…and I really do miss her…every day.

      That’s why…that line is very personal…
      It’s not applicable to all and specially in all the cases.

      And thank you so much for reading 😊

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      1. Thank you Anushka for your response.. ♥️☺️ I am glad you liked it..!!
        I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Pray she rests in peace.
        What I meant by “nonsense” Pt. 3 is that there is a difference between constructive criticism (meant to make you work hard for your betterment) and mere rants. I am sure your family members mean well and never try to push you down. And yes, there is no fixed template to ensure every point works equally well for every case. We are all human beings, and there are always marked differences between two individuals.
        Thank you for your response.. ☺️
        Once again, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother and pray she rests in peace.

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  2. It’s good be unsure and adaptive about the things you think isn’t easy to adapt.

    Sometimes mind resist
    Sometimes heart resist

    But that’s the contest u are participating in.

    Either heart or mind whatever wins…u’ll Never loose it.

    Beautifully written Anushka…👍

    Keep the good work coming.

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